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how do i lose fat fat? and get smaller?

im 17 will be 18 in 2 months, i thing i way some where around 140-150, i skateboard a lot, i used to do martial arts, back then i was 135, i did gain some fat but i also gained some more muscle on my legs because i skateboard a lot (i live in a hilly area). i would like to get rid of my little belly, and the fat on my back, and thighs. so how do i do this in a fast way, and what kind of diet should i go on, i go to starbucks a lot and i get ice tea non-sweetned all the time. lolz so any ideas on how to lose fat fast?

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One Response to “how do i lose fat fat? and get smaller?”

  1. Hannah said :

    Well if you really want to lose weight have only three main meals a day. For breakfast have something healthy like fruit salad or egg whites. Have a descent breakfast because you’ll be more satisfied. If you don’t like breakfast then wait a while till about 2 hours before lunch and east a snack like and apple or granola bar. For lunch, try to eat some vegetables and meat. Many people think that if you only eat a little than you’ll lose wieght. That isn’t exactly right. If you cut back you can lose but remember to eat meat because when you skateboard, the lean meat will help you build a little muscle and get rid of leg fat. Eat a small dinner, something like a 4 pound peice of chicken with stewed vegetables. Just eat a big breakfast, descent sized lunch, and a small dinner and don’t snack a lot.

    Hope I helped 🙂


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