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How do i lose fat around my thighs ?

How do i lose fat around my thighs ?

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19 Responses to “How do i lose fat around my thighs ?”

  1. bill said :

    work out

  2. needle_dude said :

    wait watcherz

  3. laxluver4life said :

    Run or Bike!

  4. SlYpLaYeR said :

    diet work out

  5. Tammy H said :


  6. jimmy d. said :

    Liposuction does wonders for fat thighs.

  7. AKM said :

    Overall, weight loss will do this. There is no real way to lose around the thighs only, since there is no spot training. So, do your cardio and eat right and you will see those thighs shrinking!

    Good luck!

  8. Rolf said :


    elliptical machine

  9. Just Ask Me said :

    impossible a person does not loose weight around one area, you have to loose weight all around like crunches you get abs u get alot of things try mixing up alot of exercise… might help you get what you want…

  10. Maggie W said :

    You could tighten your thighs, Squats really do the trick. There’s different types of them and they are very easy to do. You’ll see the results quickly.

  11. MJ B said :

    Lose weight all over… restrict your calories & exercise. Biking & stair climbing will help, as will swimming and walking. Good luck!

  12. lilmama2luv4life said :

    i agree with everyone

  13. Mike N said :

    you do what is called “scissor” exercise lay down on your side and raise and lower your whole leg, that works the thighs, then turn over and do the other side.

  14. GuitarMan13 said :

    work out every day

  15. Babydollz225 said :

    go on a diet and you’ll lose weight every where, running really helps to lose fat around them and enhance the muscle so they look more toned, also squats and adductor work, like squeezing a ball between your knees

  16. Jacpat G said :

    Well, if you really want to lose weight, I suggest you at least jog in place for 30-45 minutes a day, and drink a lot of water.

    But what my father would do is to eat lots of fruits such as mangoes, bananas and mainly Pineapple, because of it’s lycopene.

    And try to avoid eating any junk food, you may eat some during special occasions, but try to minimize it as much as you can.

    What my mother did is that she took pilates and aerobics classes.

    But from what I heard there was a woman who lost 60 pounds from not eating wheat for an entire month

    But on my opinion, I suggest you just try to stretch and warm up everyday for 2 hours, and maintain your 3 times a day meals

  17. stacybear69 said :

    Swimming. I lost so much weight by just swimming in a pool and not even in a work out matter just having fun. Also put weights on your ankels while around the house and just do normal day stuff with them on. And also use skin firming lotion.

  18. ♪sing♪ said :

    Cant spot reduce fat.

    Losing body fat in general: hard core cardio, which requires no less then 30 minutes 3 days a week.

  19. male enhancement reviews said :

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