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How can teens lose weight fast?

I am in need of some weight lose tips. Please help. I want to lose 20-50 pounds. please please help me!!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to “How can teens lose weight fast?”

  1. LOVE said :

    Do exercise regularly Step 1Solving Weight Problems in Teenages

    Living a long, healthy, successful life all starts with leading a long, healthy, and successful lifestyle. You may ask yourself, “How can a lifestyle be successful?” Well that is easy, a lifestyle is successful when it contains a proper diet, proper sleep, and proper exercise. Discover how to drop some pounds while simultaneously boosting your confidence. Simply read on to begin taking steps in the right direction.

    Step 2Drop the Fast Food Lifestyle

    Unfortunately, more and more teenage girls today are being mentally and physically handicapped by their weight problems. Most people are aware of the obvious culprits: fast food diets, sedimentary lifestyles, lack of exercise programs and the list goes on and on. Compounding the problem, many people overlook the lasting negative physical and mental effects it can leave with the individual.

    Step 3Lead a Healthy Life

    Leading a healthy life is one of the keys to a happy life, and leading a healthy life needs to start early. In many cases, good parenting will often set children off on the right foot. Sometimes, however, it will require more effort. If you have a daughter that suffers from being overweight, you need may need to do more than your part to help them. Weight loss for teenage girls can be a difficult hurdle to jump alone.

    Step 4Create a Plan!

    One obvious adjustment that needs to be made is an exercise plan, something light, that she can feel comfortable doing. These types of regiments can even be performed in your own home. Include a cardio routine and a new diet based on cutting fast, fried, and otherwise counter-productive foods significantly out of their diet. In some cases light weight-training can help achieve weight loss for teenage girls.

    Step 5Start Young, Start Early

    It is a necessity to start a weight loss program as soon as possible. Long spans of obesity at early ages can have long lasting negative effects on confidence. Parents should be especially involved during a girl’s teenage years as self-consciousness can play a huge role in your child’s success.

    Step 6Be Wary of Miracle-Diets and Pills

    One thing to be extremely watchful for are so called miracle-diets usually based around certain kinds of pills. In many cases these pills can do more harm then good. It is extremely important to perform ample research on any diet products you plan on having your teen use. One recent example of a failed diet pill is Hydroxy-Cut, which has recently been recalled by the FDA. Although effective at helping people lose weight, in some cases it was found to cause serious liver problem.

    Step 7Diet and Exercise Regiments

    To achieve solid and healthy weight loss for teenage girls, the most effective method is simply adhering to a diet and exercise regiment. It is the best method for teens because it can produce significant results while maintaining their safety and building the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. In today’s society, regular exercise and dieting seem to be swept under the carpet. Kids, teenagers, and young adults are consumed by the internet, television, video games, pop culture, and many other types of “spectator sports”. Make sure you are a participant in a healthy, active lifestyle!

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    Tips & Warnings
    Exercise is key to long term loss. Find enjoyable activities to build muscle and lose fat.Weekly weight-ins will provide motivation and show progress.Eat six small meals a day instead of three large ones to nix cravings and keep the body burning fat.Don’t consider starvation diets; they actually lower the metabolism and make dieters lethargic, slowing down weight lossNever skip breakfast.

  2. 92508 said :

    drink ONLY water, and a lot of it. cut out all junk food, eat about 1300 calories a day, with exercise. when you get closer to your goal though, you have to lower your calorie intake. just be very conscious about what you eat and write down everything you eat and what exercises you do.

  3. 1151275658roxxxxx said :

    Make sure you do it safely! Here are some tips:

    -limiting your caloric intake is a guarantee weight loss plan! Cut out from junk food and you’ll save hundreds on calories. Also, try not to eat processed foods at all for two weeks.

    -Drink as much water as possible. Before you eat have a glass or two of water to make you feel fuller. Also, two tablespoons of lemon along with the water is supposedly going to burn fat. Howevr, i am not sure whether this is accurate or not.


    -just because you had a salad doesnt mean you can splurge on other foods. dont reward yourself too generously. A saladll become worse than a big mac if u top it with fatty dressing, bacon, cheese, etc.

    -holding plank position will help tone your abs. also stretch everyday.

    -eat slowly, it takes seven minutes for your brain to realize your full. you might over indulge. Dont eat till your bursting, wait till your 3/4 full.

    -and the most obvious- EAT FRUITS AND VEGEATBLES AND EXERCISE!

    goodluck girlie!

  4. lshanaa said :

    follow what i do, ive lost about 20 lbs so far! you can trust me, im educated and i have much personal experience.

    the body works better losing wight if you change up your meal plan. i know, ive lost a lot of weight in my day… haha. always eat more in the morning, get your body ready to burn throughout the day, the more you eat in the morning, the more weight youll lose (but dont binge) in also on a diet, i eat an average of 1000 calories a day, (1600 calories is a good calorie per day balance) but good calories, bad calories are harder to get off and tell your body not to exercise. i work out 1-2 hours a day and you need comitment. i’t also depends on your weight, but you can lose more if you weigh more, but any body weight can lose at least 6 in a month with diet and exercise.. remember to change it up or your body will adapt to what your eating and wont know how to burn it. and dont starve yourself, if you do that, your body hold onto its fat as a defense mechanism, remember to eat healthy, remember veggies and fruit, and a multi vitamin might help. i take protein bars (clif bars are healthiest) if you havent eaten in awhile, gives you enouh energy, protein and calories you need to burn a good amount per gym visit.

    i made a log that i record all my food and calorie intake, it helps so much, if you email me at [email protected], i would be happy to send it to you. its helped me so much, it helps keep you in line, and control of how much you know youve lost or gained in a day. its very simple and easy to use, itll help. stay active and keep positive, you can do it i promise! good luck!

  5. Victoria said :

    Make sure you get a good night’s sleep for about 8 hours at least. Eat good meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cut back on junk food and caffeine. Instead, eat fruits and veggies and makes sure you drink 8 cups of water a day. Eat small portions and chew slowly so your stomach will think that you are full. You want to have a couple servings of each food group a day. Jog around the block for 20 minutes and come back home and do some jump rope, but make sure you wait at least 45 minutes after a meal before running (you will feel pains and aches if you don’t) and stretch for 5 minutes before leaving. Make sure you are physical after you run, if you sit down you’ll end up feeling really tired. Take warm showers to keep those muscle pains away after exercising. Losing weight will take time but these methods will work for you. I’m a teen too and I do these things to keep fit. Good luck!

  6. amy_bby41ツ said :

    I know this diet that you an lose about 10 lbs in 3 days.
    All you do for 3 days is eat grilled chicken with no seasoning. (or any other healthy grilled meat with no seasoning), and uncooked Green vegetables.
    And the more you eat the more you lose.
    Just eat nonstop all day, and you will lose around 10 lbs.
    I swear it works great.
    My dad did it and lost 16 pounds.
    Then after the 3 days your supposed to just eat healthy to keep it off.


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