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How can I run 10k ?

When it comes to running a 10K, if you set your mind to it, you may find out that it is not as hard as you thought. There are some very basic steps that you can take to learn how to train yourself to run a 10k – and this article will show you how to do that.

1. Start out running at your natural level. For example, if you can only do a 15 minute run when you first begin, start with that and work your way up.

2. With every week that passes, add another 5 minutes to your time limit. In the first week, you may only be able to run for 15 minutes, in the second you run for 20, the next week your run for 25, and so on. Continue this way until you are able to run for 40 to 45 minutes without feeling like the world is ending when you stop. To save on energy, remember to start off jogging and only run when you need to in order to keep pace with other runners.

3. The frequency of the program is very important as well – three days a week is sufficient in most cases, but if you feel you can do it every day, don’t hesitate.

4. If you do not plan on running on the other four days, try to perform other types of exercises such as light aerobics or easy cycling around the block.

During your training, remember the importance of relaxation – do not see this goal as a “must reach” but rather a goal that will be reached with enough ease. Therefore, run relaxed and try to free your mind of any stress – this way you will not only train to run 10k, but you will also be very relaxed afterwards.

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