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How can i lose weight/inches FAST!!!?

I will do any possible way to lose weight in a few weeks longest a month.
i really want to get rid of my stomache fat and my love handles:)

is there anything that i can do with eating that i dont have to go out and buy exspensive stuff and how much excersize everyday?

if i push myself to excersize alot could i lose the fat faster?
And does swimming help alot or a little bit.

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7 Responses to “How can i lose weight/inches FAST!!!?”

  1. ewachtler said :

    Stay away from the berries and other “fast fix” ideas people will give you.
    Do cardio 5-6 days per week, weights 2-3 days, and eat healthy. Swimming is great for a complete body workout. Just like any exercise, you need to push yourself or you won’t notice much difference.

  2. Sweety Hands said :

    Eat more bread and rice…. ah Pizza

  3. BlushingNinja said :

    I lost almost 15 pounds in 2 weeks by following a vegan diet and drinking lots of water.
    Vegan means NO animal products. That means no meat, cheese, eggs, etc. or anything that contains those things. In other words, only fruits, veggies, and whole grains. If you decide to follow this diet make sure that you are careful to get all of the nutrients that you need. Either do thorough research before you start, or consult your doctor. Eat plenty of nuts!
    Most store-bought and/or processed foods are out of the question.

    I didn’t really work out all that much while on that diet.

    The diet is hard, but honestly it changed my health habits forever. Good luck!

  4. Jennifer Moore said :

    Hi Sophie!

    You are on the right way except the one thing – nothing comes so fast as you wish. But if it does, it’s 100% that you’ll gain your weight twice. So what’s your choice?

    Here’s the deal, start a low-carbonated diet that means replacing carbohydrate containing products (bread,pasta) with fats like cheese, salads, meat.

    This will work good when you do exercise:
    You can exercise every day but try to train different muscles 3 times a week + biking the 2 days between muscle workouts.

    I love swimming. It does help you a lot and not a little bit. You see, when you’re swimming all of your muscles are being trained – can you tell the similar workout? I guess no.

    So try to eat healthy, do exercises but no too much pressure. Good luck in your diets!

  5. mansionghost said :

    Try the Little Jack workout…. it works great

  6. user said :

    hey hey hey read myt answers please it will help.

    ok first of all you dont need to spend money on expensive food, eat normal food with low fat contents smaller portions more times a day.

    1-2 hours of excersise (2 if your extreme)

    if you push urself you will lose fat faster but remember pusshing yourself is NOT the same as overdoing it.

    swimming helps ALOT swimming alone can make you lose weifth fast

  7. 4JESUS said :

    Take a look at this site.
    This tests you in over 300 types of food and substance and gives you your personal results as to what foods trigger you and what foods you can eat. I am taking this test on April 1st.
    Many have lost weight by cutting out the foods they’re allergic to. Many times we eat foods that we know are healthy but don’t know they may be harmful to us.
    I wish more & more doctors recommended this test. It would solve alot of people many problems.

    The Lord bless you & keep you.


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