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How can I lose weight while in college?

I am a college student who is trying to lose weight, but I have a difficult situation. Here is my situation; I am trying to lose weight and get in shape for the summer. I do not have any time to get to the gym and I have trouble eating the food at school. It does not help that I do not own an automobile and all there is off campus for dining options is fast food and the closest Subway is a 20 min walk. What advice can you give to me to lose weight and feel great about my body before summer arrives.

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7 Responses to “How can I lose weight while in college?”

  1. breezy said :

    Eat frequent small meals.
    snacking is okay, but once in a while.
    importatnt thing is to eat moderately.

  2. snoofee said :

    Walk the 20 minutes at a brisk pace to Subway. Or jog to subway eat a healthy meal and jog back. Add a set of push-ups and walking lunges each day. You’ll look great for summer!!!

  3. mompoo said :

    Do the 20 minute walk to subway. The exercise will release endorphins into your brain to make you feel better and the subway will help you lose weight. Hopefully.

  4. maura_eileeen said :

    Can you afford a small fridge for your dorm room (with a lock, lol)? Then maybe a friend (or the bus) can take you to get healthful stuff that is lo-cal at the grocery store that you can have on hand.

  5. cutebab3xoxo said :

    its actually a good thing that u dont have a car because a lot of people that have cars can get fat off of that because theyre lazy or whatever so since u dont have one then walk to get where u need to go and spend some time walking around the campus. also wat do u mean u dont have time? if u dont then make time. join some sports club and that culd help u academically. exercising can help u with a lot of things. also if u decide to go to the gym after all, go with a friend so both of u can have fun. also if ur that busy do whatever u need to do then multitask if u have to read something do that while ur exercising (well if ur working out on some kind of chair thingy where u can just sit) as for the food thing eat helthier try vegetables and fruits (no matter how much u hate some kind of vegetable or all vegetables u still gotta eat them) and less fast food
    good luck

  6. Heather said :

    don’t drink and stay away from the raman noodles for a start.

  7. jt66250 said :

    Diet and fitness work together toward a healthy lifestyle. Changing your diet and your level of fitness is what can change the way you look and feel. The best way to lose weight is about living a healthier life than what you may be living now. You will need a complete lifestyle change and you will need to be committed.

    The body loses about 2 pounds a week optimally and that’s 2 pounds that stay off. When you drop at a faster rate your body could potentially rebound and either plateau your weight loss or put extra weight on. If you are committed then you should reach your goal.

    There will be 5 basic elements you need to adjust to have a healthy lifestyle.
    They are:

    1. Your Eating
    2. Your Water Intake
    3. Maintaining a balance of cardio and resistance exercise
    4. Smart supplementation
    5. Sleeping the best amount of time.

    I could give you a long detailed explanation but you can find each one of those aspects detailed in the source link.


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