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How can I lose weight on my lower half of my body?

I have lost around 35lbs and it seems that I have only lost weight on the top half of my body. You can basically see and count my ribs at the moment, but my bottom half seems the same as it was 35lbs ago. It looks really strange. How can I lose weight on my bottom half?

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3 Responses to “How can I lose weight on my lower half of my body?”

  1. Tom said :

    Despite all the information out there, I still hear this kind of question quite frequently. “I really can’t lose weight off my lower body and my butt in particular. Well anymore weight is more accurate since I have made some progress. What should I do?”

    How about this one that is common for women that train. Have you ever found yourself in this type of situation and making these kinds of statements to yourself?

    “I am 31, five foot six and 127 pounds, which I am sure sounds fine to you, but not to me. I have tried everything to get down to 120. Currently I walk 3 times a week for 40 minutes and do 300 crunches and pilates everyday. My upper body is really nice and tight and small. It is my lower body that wont move. Very fat legs, butt and big upper thighs. I am a size 5 on top and a 7 or 8 on the bottom. I hate it so much. I am getting tired of eating less and less and still no weight is coming off. And I do eat very clean. How do I fix this? What should I do to get that perfect lower body?”

    One of my favourites is how often people think that sauna’s are a weight loss tool.

    “I like to sit in the sauna for about a half an hour when I go to the gym. Would it be better for me to lose weight and inches in my glutes and upper thighs if I go in the sauna before I do my weights and cardio, or after my work out?”

    Let me address the fist issue, give an answer and work my way down.

    As far as someone being on a program of yoga and pilates and not seeing results this is my opinion. I am guessing it is a problem with resistance training and possibly the fact that the person is not eating enough. Extremely great physiques require extreme workouts. Pilates and yoga and other activities are great for staying in shape and increasing health but cannot produce the VISUAL extremes that resistance training combined with dedicated cardio does.

    Now for using the sauna as a tool for losing weight off your lower body and glutes. It doesn’t really matter when you do it because all you are losing is water weight through perspiration. As soon as you drink some water after, your right back where you started. The benefits of the sauna are mostly in the relaxation and cleansing.

    The last point I would like to address is how many calories you are eating. If you have reduced your caloric intake too much, you will never lose fat off your upper thighs. There is a guideline of going no lower than 1100 calories unless advised by a doctor. Even when doctors use this for their own reasons in extremely obese patients, I cringed. Taking in less than this puts you in starvation mode and the only thing your body cares about is retaining and saving all the calories it can so you continue to live!

    Eat balanced, small meals and for someone like yourself, you should be eating around 1715 calories when active and go no lower than 1372 in extreme dieting cases.

  2. Jim said :

    You can’t. Despite the myth, there is no way to “spot train” fat. Perhaps you are just thinking that it looks the same, have you tried talked to anyone who hasn’t seen you in a while? I thought I looked about the same until I really compared the way I looked before I lost weight to after.

  3. guy said :

    maybe you just have wide hips?


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