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How should I lose weight around the lower part of the body?

I am generally slim(most people say im skinny) and recently i’ve put on a lot of weight,most of it is carried at the lower part of my body (hips, thighs). How do I lose fat around those areas? I dont need a full body workout cos its just that part.
I also want longer legs and more muscular ankles, so i’ll look better wearing short dresses. any tips or workout ideas?? thank you very much!

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5 Responses to “How should I lose weight around the lower part of the body?”

  1. Scott said :

    Weight loss is not selective – you can’t choose where you lose it, not without surgery. And there is no exercise you can do to make your legs longer.

  2. robin.banks said :

    how many times does someone have to say this?
    it is not possible to lose weight on only one part of your body unless you get liposuction. end of story. you’re going to have to lose fat all over if you want to lose fat on your legs. you can increase muscle on your legs only, but you can’t lose fat on your legs only.
    and you can’t get longer legs unless they grow longer.

  3. Emily said :

    try doing walk-run/ walk-jog intervals. walk for 5 min then run for 5 min, do this for 30 min. 3-5 times a week. also, hills really work you thighs and hips. have fun and good luck!

  4. lmaton2 said :

    It’s a myth the you can lose weight in any one area of your body (called spot losing), but you can spot tone. If you’ve put on weight recently and seem to gain it in the lower part of your body, when you lose weight, it will come off from the same area you put it on. Gaining and losing in specific areas of your body is completely controlled by genetics. So, I would recommend that you reduce your calories to 1200 a day if you are over 18 years old to 1500 a day if you are under 18. The other part of the equation to losing weight is burning calories. It really doesn’t matter what you do to achieve this, so whether you want to swim, run, walk or jump rope is irrelevant. Just get moving. If you want to focus on toning in your legs, do some lunges or other activities that concentrate on toning. Realistically, there is no way to make your legs longer, however, use fashion to create the illusion of longer legs.

  5. lynziebeth42101 said :

    if the weight generally goes to the lower half of your body then you can do exercises that strengthen your lower body like squats lunges planks are good for the lower abdominal. yoga and stretching is a good way to strengthen your certain target areas. remember the more muscle you have in an area the more fat you will burn in that area. I know you don’t want a full body workout but seriously you can do all these things but you still need to at least walk or dance around your house, get your heart rate up. the longer legs issue there is no way but heels. if you don’t like them then you might have to practice walking in them. they’re fabulous. wedges are the best for your back


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