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How can I lose weight and form muscular abs, without spending a lot of money weekly?

Will weight lose pills help?
How much weight will I need to lose, if i try and form strong muscular abs.
How can I do this successfully?

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13 Responses to “How can I lose weight and form muscular abs, without spending a lot of money weekly?”

  1. Courtney J said :

    Sit ups work great!!!

  2. Laura J said :

    You have to do without the pills. Otherwise, you will learn the hard way that the pills suppress the appetite and then make you gain even more weight because you never committed to the life style change to keep the weight off.

    You have to divert your money to what matters to you most.
    What you can give up in exchange for what is most important to you?

    Shopping for the right kinds of whole foods to support this endeavor does cost a lot of money and does take much of your time. It is inconvenient, but its even more inconvenient to spend on pills and looking for short cuts which is time and money down the toilet anyway.

    If you are going to do it, do it right.

  3. X lozelle babii X said :

    well i do gymnastics it only cost £3 a week wear i go nd i have lost alot of wieght n gained stomache musels
    or try sit ups they dnt cos anything

  4. Rachel C said :

    Well you can exercise to get stronger and more muscular. You burn fat, but you won’t necessarily lose weight. Muscle weighs more than fat. Try working out, doing sit ups, push ups, etc for muscle. Now that it’s summer you can go swimming, running, play sports, all kinds of activities that help with strength and cardio exercises. I personally wouldn’t use weight loss pills, a lot of them cause problems. Exercise is the most effective and safe, you can do it while watching t.v. even.

  5. wise owl said :

    Believe it or not, running is awesome for your abs. It removes fat because it’s cardio, and the constant “twisting” that your torso does when you make each stride will define your abs. Combine that with crunches… alot of crunches, every day… and you will have an awesome ripped torso. And running is free! (except for the cost of shoes)

  6. Aoels said :

    Weight loss pills will help a little. The best thing to do though is plan out a workout for running crunches push-ups and other forms of free weight excersizes. This will help you build endurance, muscles, and not have to put anything into your body that you dont need.

  7. Singh said :

    you need to loose body fat if you want to see your abs. and if you want to make them bigger, then do leg lifts, sit ups, and bicycle crunches. and eat a healthy balanced diet. eat 5-6 small healthy meals a day instead of three big meals.

  8. Kaitey said :

    dont use weight loss pills…those never work…they just make u depressed…go work out…jog around your neighborhood…do some situps…dont eat junk food…weight loss isnt really that hard…ppl over complicate things…

  9. tootnico said :

    Weight loss pills will not work if you don’t have a good diet or excercise program.

    I recommend eating less junk, running everyday and working your abs everyday.

    I don’t know how much you weigh, so I can’t say how much you need to lose. You have to be pretty lean though. In order for sexy stomach muscles to show through, you have to get rid of the layer of fat on top of them…. that requires cardio and a good diet.

  10. maria said :

    For Weight Loss: Cardiovascular excercise, as in running, there is no better way. I cannot speak about pills because I have no knowledge of them, but I wouldn’t trust them you never know what side effects they may cause or if they are even worth the money! You can also cut down on sugary foods, but for every bad thing you eat, force yourself to do an hour of cardio work to make up for it. It really does make a difference. The harder you work at it, the faster you will see results.

    Stomach muscles: You can do muscle squeezing excercises while sitting at your desk (search google for more info) or you can do sit ups. If sit ups bother your back, there are some inexpensive equipment out there that help support your back and target the certain muscles, you will have to look somewhere like Dick’s sporting good for those.

    Hope that helps! =) Good luck!

  11. david c said :

    Strengthening abs and losing weight are independent of eachother. You don’t have to spend any money to do either, but you do have to be disciplined.
    To build abs do weighted sit-ups. There are tons of variations on sit-ups so choose a number of them to work your entire stomach. To lose weight, you have to do calorie burning exercises like jogging or swimming and watch your diet. Burning more calories than you take in = weight loss.

  12. sukhbir said :

    You can start with some light YOGA exercises. Its easy,doesnt take much time and you dont have to spend any money. No side effects as well.
    Some basic “Weight Control” YOGA exercise methods are available on internet. (Use google)
    Devote 30 mins to YOGA everyday. Once you loose the extra fat,then u can go for tougher excercises for stronger abs. You must be regular in whatever you do.

    Believe me, dont go for any kind of weight loose pills.

  13. vvrrm said :

    Its all about BMR. Basal Metabolic Rate. It is the amount of calories your burn 24 hrs a day regardless of what you are doing, even during sleep.

    Best way to loose weight is not just to burn as many calories as you can during the 1-2 hrs a day you spend in the gym, but rather try to burn more calories during the other 23 hrs of the day as well.

    The higher your BMR is the more you burn and the thinner and more ripped you look. Best predictor of BMR is lean body mass. For instance A lean 200 lb man has a much higher BMR than an overweight 200 lb woman. Also a muscular 200 lb man has a higher BMR than an out of shape 180 lb man.

    So here is the trick to getting muscular, strong and not having to go on a crash diet: Increase your lean body mass. Hit the gym heavy with anaerobic exercise i.e. lift heavy weights, quick sprints over short distances, play quick sports like basketball. All these activities build muscle mass and increase your BMR.

    More BMR means you burn more calories all day even in your sleep. Couple that with a diet rich in quality protein (meat, fish, protein shakes) and low in fat and empty calories, and before you know it you will have a ripped muscular body…with a six pack.


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