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how can i effectively lose weight and become a hottie without compromising my tight schedule?

i want to lose weight without spending so much time on working out because i am a very busy person. how?

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10 Responses to “how can i effectively lose weight and become a hottie without compromising my tight schedule?”

  1. Folin said :

    do it first thing in the morning, so its out the way

  2. inmyname2003 said :

    Eat less

  3. missyqaballiot said :

    wake up an hour eralier and go for an hour jog. You’ll feel much better for it and I’m sure you’re a hottie now 🙂

  4. Nurse Soozy said :

    In order to lose weight and become a ‘hottie’ you will have to ‘compromise your tight schedule’ by working out. If you really want to do it, you’ll have to make time.

  5. MC said :

    If you cannot spend your time on working out then your only option is to adjust your diet. However there is no substitute for working out which gives so many benefits. When you do workout you must do high intensity workouts with little rest to make the most of your time.

  6. surfdog said :

    Diet and exercise are necessary to lose and maintain weight loss, but diet is not just about counting calories and avoiding certain foods. It is also about what foods that you add to your diet. I found an inspiring web page that you might want to check out,

  7. Rach_is_da_best_m8 said :

    You need to find a diet that suits you, people who excersise more need to consume more for enrgy than those who excersise little.
    For example a football player will consume much more high enrgy food and generally alo more food than say, a secretary. It doesnt matter how little excersise you do although you should do at least 30 mins a day as long as you control your eating habits.
    I dont excersise much at all, in fact i would say i don’t even get 30 mins a day, yet i am around the right wieght because i make sure i watch what i eat.
    I’m not saying you cant eat chocolate cake or chips or be able to enjoy food because you should, all i’m saying is if you are going to eat all those sort of things eat them in modest amounts.
    Also it is very important when you are dieting that you don’t take all the joy out of eating food (the kind of diet where all you eat is lettuce an rabbit food, lol) . You should be able to treat yourself evry now and then.
    I suggest that you go and book an appointment with a nutricionist and hey will help taylor a diet to fit your lifestyle…
    Good Luck xxx

  8. Nhjfnf N said :

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  9. Dr Frank said :

    Before I retired I used to do 1 1/2 hours in the gym 5 days a week before work at starting at 7-7.30 am. This was before a gruelling day in practice, I used to work 6 days a week. If you want to do it, you can make time!

  10. pinkrockstar said :

    i lost a ton of weight doing this. i wasnt even trying to lose weight
    i ate anything i wanted. usually in the morning.
    then i would walk around all day looking for jobs, till right before it started to almost to get dark, maybe around 4 or 5. and i think i got up around 10.
    then i would come back eat dinner and go to bed
    i ate whatever i wanted, around that time mostly bagels (1 in the morning) and strawberry cream cheese and sandwiches (1 before bed) with turkey, cheese, salad dressing and plain potato chips and i drink only water. i did that for only about 2 months and went from a size 9 to a size 5.
    so basically walk, walk, walk, eat what u want just not a ton of it and u will lose weight.
    i didnt do any other exercising, just that and i lost in my legs, stomach, everywhere u could see a difference.


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