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How to lose bum fat without spending any money?

im a skinny person and i don’t have an overly big bum but sometimes i don’t like the way it looks with certain pants i wear, i want my bum to be a bit smaller, ive tried squats with weights and running and jogging on a treadmill? what should i do that wont cost me any money?
my bum isnt floppy or anything, its firm

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2 Responses to “How to lose bum fat without spending any money?”

  1. van said :
  2. Naughty Puppy said :

    That’s a hard one to answer. If fat isn’t an issue and you’re just trying to change the shape of your bum with muscle training, I would think that any endurance activity would tighten it up a bit whereas the squats with weights would probably make it look bigger. The general idea is that the longer you work a muscle (endurance, like running), the tighter and harder it becomes. When you do short bursts of work at high weight like squats or lifting weight, you get larger muscles that tend to be softer until you flex.

    So I guess the best advice I can offer is to keep up with the running and perhaps do a little bit of weight training on other parts of your body to ‘even’ it out a bit. Also keep in mind that some people really like noticeable bums so even if you don’t like it, someone else may love it.


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