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How can i lose theigh fat fast!!!?

And can you guys tell me an excercise and how long it will take to lose my theigh fat. Thanks

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13 Responses to “How can i lose theigh fat fast!!!?”

  1. ♥chiodosluv♥ said :

    alot of running…and leglifts…join a soccer team..duh

  2. alea said :


  3. Rachel said :

    I guess you mean ‘thigh’ fat…

    I wish I knew. That’s one of my two main insecurities. My feet and my thighs. XD

  4. phinest said :

    email me at [email protected] i’ll tell what will work

  5. rosh said :

    do skipping or running, take honey regularly, eat less makes you reduce fat

  6. Tom Da Bomb said :

    depense on how much fat you want to lose but a healthy diet will work much much better than any excercise just start eating salad every single day and night and eat as much as u want u wont gain a pound i swear thats how i lost 20 pounds in 20 days

  7. Question? said :

    losing fat fast is unhealthy. a health rate is 2 pounds a week.

  8. persh said :

    fastest way is to cry and feel under stress every night….lol

  9. Me said :

    run, or walk a whole lot.

  10. peter g said :

    to lose weight diet and exercise.
    Allthough working out on a specific area of the body increases muscle it doesn’t necessarily make you lose weight in that specific area. A general workout is usually more effective than specific areas. All endurance exercise is good for losing fat(running cycling,..)

  11. Jessie said :

    you need go on long slow runs, make sure they last longer than 30 mins if you do that 3 times a week you will see a difference in one month

  12. suzyq48 said :

    running, jogging or even walking will make improvements. also if you go up and down stairs a lot that is great. you can do lunges and squats too. that should keep you busy for a while!

  13. monicha said :



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