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How can I lose my leg fat fast?

My legs are really fat and annoying. How can I lose the weight on them? 🙁

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8 Responses to “How can I lose my leg fat fast?”

  1. John Mccain said :


  2. A said :

    Well, I guess if you sever the leg the fat would go with it.

  3. Nick F said :

    gross, have secks its healthier for you than a triathalon, but with leg fat you prolly wont get any, so i would just say run

  4. ez80227 said :

    fast isn’t healthy and not permanant notn to mention that taregeted weight loss is impossible. the breasts will be the first to go…
    cardio is the best for loosing weight tho.

  5. Ginger said :

    For a second I read how can I lose my leg lol, well if you’re younger than 16 this will be hard for you, but you should play sports in school and run everyday for an hour this will tone your legs making them look nicer and more sculpted.

  6. GymnasticsGirly<3 said :

    i think biking and running would be the best!

  7. Jason said :

    Start by getting off your fat ass and doing some exercise everyday! Stop eating junk food and eat healthier…have sex more often. Stop eating and drinking all that garbage that is toxifying you.

  8. Paul said :

    You cannot, contrary to popular belief, focus on a body part to eliminate fat. When people work their abs or legs or arms or whatever, they are simply building muscle mass, which may appear to displace body fat, but your body will use fat stores more or less evenly from your entire body. If you want to lose it, do exercise which involves all of your major muscle groups like elliptical trainers, stair climbers, tread mills etc and REDUCE carb intake dramatically, no more than 50 g of carbs a day. Increase veggies, as much as you can eat, especially dark greens and limit your daily protein source to 3 – 4 oz. servings. Eat cold water fatty fish like salmon or fresh tuna and skinless boneless chicken. Also, eliminate sodium from your diet (salt).


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