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How can I lose fat on my arms in less than a month?

will eating right and jogging help? I do not want to build muscle, I just want to lose a little arm fat.


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2 Responses to “How can I lose fat on my arms in less than a month?”

  1. Ben said :

    First of all don’t cut out all junk food or snacks. Whatever junk you eat burn it off at the gym get 60 mins of exercise. make sure you snack to have energy. a good way to make fat go away is turn it into muscle. so, first it will go away then it will turn into muscle, don’t worry it won’t be big muscles but also it won’t be fat
    Hammer curls- works triceps- hold dumbell weights verticaly and curl them
    normal curls- works biceps- hold dumbell weights horizontally and curl them.
    take a 10 to 15 min jog every day don’t walk at all stretch before and after running and stretch before you go to sleep and when you wake up, it gets your muscles loose after a long sleep.
    sleep as well 8 hour sleep if possible

  2. Shelby said :

    Yes, eating right and jogging are always good for ur heart, body, and to just stay fit. To get rid of that pesky arm fat try using some lite(like 5lbs weights) Holding them straight out and doing squats. The alturnate ine arm at a time. Also get on one knee, keep ur back straight and with the opp. arm hold the weight straight out and then curl them in one arm at a time, Im sure if you google arm exersizes you will find allot of help. Good luck!


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