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How can I fast lose weight/ get toned in 1 month?

Okay, So I weigh 138 pounds and I am 5′ 6″..I am trying to lose like 15 pounds in the next month, I eat good and I ride an exercise bike 40 minutes a day which is usually 7 1/2 miles. I also want toned..see my boyfrind went to basic training for the military and I want to look extra good for his graduation. Please Help! Thanks..:-)

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6 Responses to “How can I fast lose weight/ get toned in 1 month?”

  1. Puddy said :

    read tips on weight loss and exercise programs to help you better on this site

  2. TEXAS MOM said :

    My husband use to wrestle and he says no carbs, jog and drink lots of water. You will see major improvement! Good luck!

  3. simonhla said :

    If you want a simple answer then the key is in restricting your carbohydrates and creating a deficit in your daily calorie intake versus expenditure. The only carbs that you should eat are whole grain foods and vegetables and none in the evening. but…….and there is a big but……………….

    Losing that much weight so quickly is not only dangerous but it is also counter productive in the long run. As soon as you start eating carbs again your metabolism will have slowed down so much during your fasting period that you will blow up. Unless you are 100% certain you can avoid carbs forever then complete restriction of carbs is NOT recommended. Many no carb diets will see people lose 10lbs or so in the first few weeks but don’t be fooled thinking this is fat…it isn’t! It’s most water weight. Your body stores 3oz of water for every gram of carbs it consumes.

    The best you can do to facilitate fat loss, is intense brief exercise such as sprinting or resistance training….doing hours of cardio is hopeless no matter what you’ve read….and having a well balanced and healthy diet. Lots of protein and good healthy carbs such as salad, whole grain foods and green vegetables. Drinking as much water as you can is also imperative.

    When resistance training focus on using heavy weights but under complete control. Eliminate momentum by taken four seconds to both raise and lower your weight. Only do one to two sets per body part and focus of compound movements such as squats and chest presses. Take your sets to failure and this will trigger your body to produce and release more growth hormone. Growth hormone is a key component of fat loss. And don’t worry! you won’t get all muscular!

    And for all those people here talking about “toning” rather than building muscle…ignore it. There is no such thing as “toning” you can only build muscle and burn fat…two things…”toning” muscle is a made up fallacy. Doing light weights and lots of reps is completely pointless. It’s very hard to build muscle especially for a woman so do not be afraid of the heavy weights….it is the only thing that will force your body to change the way you want it to.

    Good luck.

  4. jasmintrees said :

    Sweethart you must run,i have been running for 17 years.It is the only way,and most claim to be in shape,but cant run to save their life.I hurt myself climbing trees(do it for a living)running keeps me ahead of everyone else. its easy!

  5. dothajitterbugg said :

    If you cut the carbs in your diet you’ll find it a lot harder to get on that bike – which isnt good, seeing as how you’re already having a little trouble. But thats okay (so do I)!!

    Figure out your basal metabolism rate (google it & use the BMR calculator). You should be able to factor in your amount of daily exercise . It will give you the number of calories your body burns by itself (if you did nothing all day, just slept in bed). Eat only that amount of calories! You will be burning more than that per day because you ride that bike, so you’ll trim down.

    Also, if youre doing weight lifting/resistance training to tone your muscles, dont shoot for more reps and sets. You want to stick to a basic number of reps but go through them really slowly. This will burn fat (and it will burn like hell – yes its painful!..but good pain) nice and quickly, and tone – NOT build.. unless you’re looking for the big bulky type of tone.. which i assume you’re not.. lol

    good luck!

  6. jum b said :


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