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How can I lose fat on my arms but not the muscle?

I’ve been trying to lose the weight on my arms by lifting weights but it only sees to make my arms biger than they already are.

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6 Responses to “How can I lose fat on my arms but not the muscle?”

  1. kity w said:

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  2. hottie said:

    you need to lose abit of weight first then start doing some exercises. what yr doing is building up muscle under the fat you still have there. read tips on weight loss and exercise programs to help you more on this site

  3. amelia s said:

    i would just say to keep exercising. do push ups etc

  4. think_tink86 said:

    Okay my answer deleted!!
    What you should do is tone not build muscle. Fat actually can be transformed into you don’t need to lose weight unless you want to! When lifting weights you should only lift about 5-10lbs weights getting toned.
    Stand with your legs hip width apart. Grab one of the weights and with both hands extend the weight above your head. Do not arch your back at any part of this excercise. Slowly bend your elbows down as far as you can (and keep your abs tight to help build tone to your abs) and slowly bring them back straight above your head. Your arms should squeeze as close to your head as possible. Continue to do this 6-12 times.
    Once you’re done with that set do the same thing except this time when bending down, only go halfway so your forearms go straight back. Continue to life and make sure you’re squeezing your arms. Do this 6-12 times after the first excercise.
    Lastly, keep your arms behind you with your forearms resting on the backsides of your head and squeeze in your elbows trying to make them touch in front of your face. Slowly, press your elbows back but staying in line with your shoulders..not too far in front and def. not too far behind you. Do this excercise 6-12 times as well.
    You should do 3-4 sets of 12 on each excercise. Remember do not do any excercise twice in a need to keep up with the diversity for the sake of your muscles..and to do them slowly. These excercises help you tone up on your abs/arms/upper arms/back/shoulders and even help you with perky more firm breasts!
    -Nab & Amb

  5. Toni B said:

    If you do more reps at a lower weight, more weight builds muscle, but if you do more a ta lower weight it tones your arms.

  6. nido_tr3s said:

    You are obviously a racist!


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