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How Can i lose Belly fat REALLY FAST?

SwimSuit Season is coming..and i’m Not happy with my belly.
Please don’t say “You’re Stupid for trying to lose Weight that fast” or “are you trying to Be anorexic?”
Or anything like that.. I just want to know how i can like lose 20 lbs in a month. Help?

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6 Responses to “How Can i lose Belly fat REALLY FAST?”

  1. space girl said :

    You need water for your body to burn fat. Without water, your kidneys can not do their job properly and your liver must pitch in to help. While it’s helping the kidneys, your liver can’t burn as much fat, so some of the fat that would normally be used as fuel gets stored in your body instead. Drinking more water lets the liver get back to its own job of turning fat into fuel.Your body needs water-it’s sixty percent water. But if you don’t drink enough, your body thinks it’s in danger and tries to hold onto all the water it can get. The water is stored between the cells and shows up as extra weight. Your feet, legs and hands may even swell up. When your body gets enough water, the stored water is released.

    The more water you drink, the less you’ll eat. Water is nature’s own appetite suppressant. A glass of water before eating will help you feel full and eat less. You’ll also get rid of extra salt by drinking water (salt can also cause the body to hold onto water).

    Drink at least 8, eight-ounce glasses of water every day. If you’re overweight, drink an additional glass for every Twenty-five pounds of excess weight. Now ,make sure you eat well each foods like fruit,veggies ,baked and boiled meats,no fried foods, no eating before bed , no junk food, no sugar ,no butter, no mayo,and eat fat free cheese drink milk it will help take off pounds around the belly and sides,no hot dogs or lunch less bread,i like to make big meals like bake extra chicken with veggies ,then you can snack on leftovers,i hope i helped,

  2. HealthyNutSmile4theCamera said :

    I’m a Vegetarian and I’m super thin, and I always have a lot of protein, and I hate tofu loll …and I have tons of snacks to choose from

    I bareeeely work out ….and I’ve never had a belly, big thighs, or big butt SO Listen k? I’m pretty much perfect-its not cocky,i just am…

    Walk Walk Walk! and walk some more…its actually better than running….running makes your ankles weak over time. Do you want that when your older? I don’t think so. I actually do the bike, which is amazing…the faster you petal the more calories you burn….the belly is actually burning fat b/c you are sweating. Not a lot of ppl. know that walking on treadmill/bike/or walking outside burns fat around the mid section…but it is so true. ALSO IMPORTANT: Do not use incline k? b/c your thighs will get bigger…try little to no resistance!! 🙂 Walking also will burn the extra surrounding fat that is covering muscles (underneath it)…so definitely do a lot of carido. Try sit ups too like 2 to 3 times a week to make abs show quicker!

    Being a vegetarian or even one that eats red meat or dairy like ONCE IN AWHILE is the best to be one because you are healthy as a horse and you won’t have that excess fat and food inside your intestines that most red meats do.

    Look, alright, I’m not trying to promote becoming a vegetarian, but here me out k?

    Here’s what I eat and my protein is perfect and I’m super healthy and have tons of snacks to choose from

    Having a high protein diet is good in loosing fat, because the more protein is in a food item the less total fat and calories from fat!

    I eat lots of beans (Lima, Soy, red kidney, black, navy- RAW; never in can(but that is just my choice-if you wanted canned its NOOOO PROBLEM)

    Try Quinoa too, you can find it in your grain, beans, or nut aisles

    I also eat lots of salad with tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, carrots-yum yum!

    The entire kosher aisle has manyyyy products to munch on!

    Also, Some Kashi products are great to snack on!

    Try Edamame too!- tons of protein and tastes delicious! (Veggie section even though it’s a bean loll)

    Dairy (if you eat it): cheese-I’d suggest you go for this yogurt called “Fage 0” or “Chobani” yogurt (it has about 15 grams of protein in it I believe)… Ummm lets see, what else? Theres Goat cheese and ALL goat products which I consider to eat if my protein is too low (but that is rare b/c I usually get my protein in evvveryday.

    ALL vegetables are fun and easy to cook-I like broccoli, asparagus, yams, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower-and you can do whatever you want with it (fry, boil, steam, baked…etc.)

    Have you ever heard of Matzo’s? they are crackers that have 4 grams of fat per serving (1) and only has 21 grams to 27 grams of Carbs in it depending on which version you get. BUT make sure you get the 100% whole wheat ones ya know?-just to be the healthiest. There is also absolutely no sugar in it either (sugar if not burned turns into fat btw)…..
    The calories range from like 90 to 140 calories too! Oh, did I mention they are extremely delicious!? (Kosher aisle)

    Mott’s applesauce, no added sugar is one of my favorite things to eat too!
    You can find organic applesauce too which provide different flavors without added sugar
    All “no added sugar” products are phenomenal

    NOTE: BEEF, Oh my god -it is very bad for you and does not leave your intestine for months and months (look it up on internet…it’s the worse food for you-unless used in moderation and VERY VERY small portions)

    Brown rice or even white rice is great too
    Miso soups are fantastic as well as any other soups (especially the ones with very little sodium)

    Fruit is ALWAYS a great snack at night!

    Ok, that’s all I can think about now off the top of my head, if you need to know anymore then just message me k?

    Take care

    (I know I went on a rampage here, but I honestly hope this helps!)


  3. GymnastGrl98 said :

    If you want to lose weight, you got to make exercising and eating healthy foods for the rest of ur life. Jog around the neighborhood for about an hour. Do some situps, pushups, stretch and twist. Go to the gym and lift some weights. Go play with some friends a game everday like soccer, laccrosse or basketball, whatevr u want to play.
    Avoid chips, soda, cookies, ice cream, cotton
    candy, bubblegum, lollipops, candy, stuff like
    that. What I reccommend you to eat is fruit,
    oranges, peaches, milk, apple juice, orange
    juice, apples, meat, water, low fat yogurt, eggs, granola bars and things related to that.

    Do these things everday if you want to lose weight, weigh yourself, then at the end of the month, weigh yourself again and see how much pounds you lost. Good luck! 😛

  4. jake said :

    use wii fit i lost 5pounds in one week

  5. Live 4 life Cena. said :

    Eat more! Don’t be fooled because the article is referring to more of healthy, low-fat foods rather than junk food. Junk food can range from burgers to those cookies that you always bought! Adding a lot of vegetables and fruits to your diet will help you. Also, drinking bouillon, a Haitian soup, made with filtered water will help you feel full.

    BasketballExercise every day! This could be the most difficult step to follow. But what you can do is actually start slowly then steady increase the amount of exercise. For example, today you will walk for 10 minutes, repeat this for the whole week. For the next week, double your workload. You may get leaner that way! The important thing is to get your heart rate up and start, now!
    Feed your temptations once in a while. Go ahead and have that donut or slice of pizza, but before you do, drink a few glasses of water and eat a bowl of raw veggies such as cucumbers, celery, carrots, and tomatoes. They will fill you up and you will have very little room to eat the “junk” food.

    Scrumptious!Consume things that have no calories. There are two things you eat and drink that contain no calories: water and fiber. The more of these you get into your diet, the better off you will be. For example, you can eat a pound of mixed salad greens with assorted raw vegetables (carrots, red cabbage, celery, broccoli, onion, etc.) with a low or no-calorie salad dressing and only have eaten 100-150 calories. This is because of the high water and fiber content of the salad and low calorie dressing. Also, eat lots of celery. It has only 8 calories, but amazingly, it takes more than 8 calories to digest it. So, you actually BURN calories by eating celery! It’s not much, about 2 calories per 8 inch stalk, but it sure doesn’t hurt.
    Avoid sodas as much as possible. Instead, drink flavored water or unsweetened iced tea.
    Take broth-based soups. They are a relatively low in calories. A commerically-available ready to eat “chicken and stars” soup may only have 80 calories for 1 serving, much less than diet “meal shakes” or nutrition bars.

    These may help you.Practice good eating habits. Always use utensils and sit at the table. This stops you from eating precariously. Eating with your hands will mean that you take in more food in one scoop. Don’t forget to eat slowly and stop when you’re full. Similar to the above step, if you can’t stop, drink up! Maybe your body is thirsty and hungry no more! Also, you can do any other chores (other than eating). For instance, go shopping, or play badminton with your friend, or play games on the computer!
    Spread out your diet! Eat more small chunks of meals, rather than 3 big meals. If you eat 100-150 calories or so every two hours, your body stays in a higher-metabolism digesting mode. This allows you to burn more calories than eating just 3 meals a day.[1]


  6. TLUK said :

    As a rule anything over 1-2 pounds of weight lost a week is considered unhealthy because of the greater chance of wasting away lean muscle.

    For women and men the more lean muscle you have the more you will raise your metabolism and the quicker you will burn fat.

    For you to really burn belly fat and do it healthily you should burn off more calories than you consume:

    And follow these rules,

    Perform full body workouts that are more intense but get you out the gym quickly

    Eat less calories than you consume

    Do HIIT – high intensity interval training (quick and 78% more effective than cardio for burninig fat

    Consume plenty of water daily

    Follow a revolving abdominal program

    This might be of use to you.

    If you accept that the rules above are the golden ones and you follow the right blueprint then you will burn belly fat, but it does require commitment.

    And any fad diet you are told about is either b.s or unhealthy in the long term.

    Best wishes

  7. Savanna Coale said :

    Wish to learn how to obtain washboard abs fast without doing millions of crunches? If yes, then you definitely are at the best place. In this article you will discover out how to get explosive six pack abs with minimum effort.


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