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How can I loose weight FAST & get my belly flat?

I have too do swim suit model in three weeks. And my belly has gotten fat and I look bigger. I’m so stressed out about this: can somebody please tell me how too get my belly flat fast and too loose the weight please help!

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6 Responses to “How can I loose weight FAST & get my belly flat?”

  1. aafon said :

    stop eating and work out?

  2. Tiktaalik said :

    Tough luck, little swimsuit model. You should have been thinking about getting your body in modeling shape this time last year if you wanted to be in perfect condition right now. You’re not going to change your body in three weeks no matter what you do. Maybe the embarrassment of baring a fat body will teach you a lesson in personal responsibility.

  3. Jonathan said :

    run for an hour every single day. do crazy amount of sit ups crunches and make sure to work out your obliques. only eat vegetables and beans and only drink water.

  4. Yasmin said :

    im looking for the same answer, so this message wont help, but i heard do cardio and eat healthy and less, 🙂 hope that helped but im looking for more information

  5. help guru said :

    yo im a soon to be pro bodybuilder and im a licenced nutritionist and im a personal trainer so to anwser your question im sorry to say 3 weeks is just not enough time to loose the weight in a healthy way you should only try to loose 2 lbs a week but you need a good diet plan and a good workout plan if you would like i could help you set one up just email me at [email protected] id be more then happy to help you out. by the way it takes about 8 to 12 weeks on a diet to get a great models body

  6. smax said :

    I hear cocaine works very well.


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