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How can I loose a little belly fat fast without a gym. Please use exersise tips as well! ?

I want to loose some belly fat fast without buying gym equipment or going to the gym. Please use tips for exersising like, running, jogging, …ect. P.S. Can some wii sport games help me loose weight if i play it for everyday at so much amount of time . I would like as many answers as I can get. please help me

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3 Responses to “How can I loose a little belly fat fast without a gym. Please use exersise tips as well! ?”

  1. BOBBY said :

    uhh.. the wii… maybe… but probably not much

    now as much as people hate hearing this, its all about ure diet. u have to take in arund 500 less calories/day to lose 1 pound every 6 days.jogging will brun the calories nicely, running is higher intensity so that will help nicely too.

  2. Betsy said :

    Unfortunately, you cannot “spot reduce.” Therefore, contrary to popular belief, you can’t “reduce belly fat” by doing sit-ups. THe reason people think this is because, when they begin exercising, they work their problem spots. However, the exercising makes them lose weight in general, and since they’ve been working those problem areas, they are very toned under the fat that has been lost.

    I would suggest being active in general. Eat less, move more is a good philosophy. Old-fashioned crunches, just like you learned in gym class, will be great for toning those abs, and then when you lose some of the fat that is laying around your middle, your abs will look great.

    In Wii Sports, play the boxing game. It’s great for raising and lowering your heart rate (super calorie burner) as well as working your obliques (which are like the abs on the sides of your stomach).

    If you can find Wii Fit, GET IT!!!! it is absolutely fabulous. While it doesn’t subsitute for a workout, it gives you an idea of what you might like/need to work on, and it is a super reminder for how great exercising feels.

    Also, try doing a food journal. You will be less inclined to eat junk if you have to answer to someone, even if it’s a notebook.

    Hope this helps, good luck! I’m in the process of trying to drop a few pounds myself, and these steps have been making me look and feel LOTS better!!!

  3. mitchelled65706 said :

    crunches- sit ups and water….


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