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How can I alleviate body aches and pains ?

Body aches and pains are a common condition even non-athletes experience. If you have no money to spend for a good massage or a chiropractor, you can perform self-remedies that may help without spending a cent. All you need is a washcloth, heat rub balm, hot tea, heating pad, towel, bucket and pain reliever of your choice.

If you’re having a headache, drink plenty of liquids (water, juice and other healthy drinks), relax your mind and body, then take a pain reliever. Stretching your neck can also help in alleviating the pain. If the headache persists, put a cold and wet washcloth on your eyes, forehead and neck for a calming effect. If you’ve been in front of a computer for a long time, your headache may be caused by eye strain, so it is best to rest your eyes for an hour or so.

If you’re joints, muscles or back is aching, applying heat to the area can help. A topical heat rub balm, which you can buy over-the-counter in drugstores, can help alleviate the pain. Apply the balm onto the affected area and rub it for several minutes. These types of balm often apply heat to the areas, then releases a cold feeling. It is ideal for backaches, muscle strains, shin splints and mild arthritis.

For women who are experience menstrual cramps, a pain reliever and hot tea with lemon or honey can soothe the pain. Make sure to turn the heating pad to medium heat and use a towel as shield. Place the pad on your abdomen as long as you like. However, avoid sleeping with the heating pad, as it may cause skin burns.

If you’ve been walking or standing the entire day, make sure to elevate your feet once you get home. Swollen feet can be alleviated by filling a bucket of ice (or cold) water and placing your feet in it to reduce inflammation.

Make sure to listen to your body whenever you feel aches and pains. Some of these pains may even be symptoms of a much serious condition, so treating them as early as possible is recommended. If pains still occur, contact your doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

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