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How can I avoid heat stroke ?

Heat stroke is a serious form of hyperthermia, which can be fatal if not treated quickly and properly. It is similar to heat exhaustion and heat cramps, but can be more severe. Heat strokes often occur because of extreme heat and staring under the sun for a long period. The body generates heat during metabolism and release the heat through sweat, but if the environment is hot, the body cannot disperse the heat properly, resulting in a dramatic increase in body temperature. Dehydration may also cause heat strokes, so make sure to keep hydrated, especially when experiencing hot climates.

Here are some ways to avoid heat stroke.

1) Hydrate – If you feel thirsty, listen to your body and hydrate by drinking liquid immediately. Water remains the best way to fight heat stroke, but juices would also do. In addition, you should also avoid drinking caffeinated drinks like soda or coffee because this increases dehydration.

2) Exercise in the shade – If you’re used to running a few miles everyday, you can skip the hot sun and work out indoors, wake up early and do your exercise as the sun rises or before it goes down. Exercising in midday sun can be dangerous, particular if it is way beyond the normal temperature your body is used to.

3) Wear proper clothing – Light clothing helps in drying up sweat faster, while hats provide a good shade for your head wherever you go. If you can’t avoid going outdoors, at least wear the proper clothes that could help your body to ‘breathe’. You should also apply sunscreen because sunburns reduces the skin’s ability to cool down quickly.

When you feel dizzy, go into a cooler area indoors or under a shade. Drink liquids as soon as possible for rehydration. Be aware that no one is safe from heat strokes; it can occur to infants, athletes, senior citizens, male or female. Prevention is still the key in avoiding heat stroke.

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