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What is Concierge medicine? What was it role in our body?

I am 20 year old, till past some day I feel pain in my chest, our family doctors say something about it, so any one tell me about it, I want to know. Is it anything serious?

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5 Responses to “What is Concierge medicine? What was it role in our body?”

  1. Charles said:

    I have good details of your question, here is your answer, from here you get solution of your confusion. Visit this site and then please reply me can i give you the perfect answer of your question?

  2. Anjelina said:

    may be it is for only protect our body against virus.

  3. Michel said:

    i suggest you to visit that site which is saying by Charles, you must have to visit it.

  4. Ricky said:

    its only for practice,Nothing else.

  5. Steaven said:

    i got all detail, so you don’t worry about it. its nothing serious.


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