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How can a teenage girl lose belly fat and a bloated rounded looking stomach?

I am a 14 year old girl and I have been a top athelete that took a break. I’m discovering that I have belly fat and a rounded bloated looking stomach and I can’t get rid of it. What can I do?

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7 Responses to “How can a teenage girl lose belly fat and a bloated rounded looking stomach?”

  1. Kristin said :

    Everyone has a bit of fat but if your really worried the best thing that you can do is different ab exercises and watch what you eat. I got rid of 4 inches around my waist by doing crunches, sit-ups, bicycles, and other ab exercises…. i suggest to go online and find good workouts… but at 14 years old your body is changing so it may go away since you have a high motabolism.

  2. Anne H said :

    belly exercise.

    go on fruit diet for a month….no oil or carbo! just fibre…
    Eat a good breakfast and try to take small chunks on the rest.

    and again belly exercise!

  3. mick said :

    do more exercise like swimming, jump rope,jogging,etc. Try to eat less fatty food,,burn some fat..

  4. ya_mum_does said :

    exercise. Pilates is great for building up the core muscles. Drink lots of water and avoid salty products and sodium as this increases the bloated stomach. Try sit-ups as well

  5. one2help said :

    you should just start back with an exercise of your choice, whatever you were doing prior, if you were a top athlete, whatever you enjoyed doing… some muscles, and it will flatten back out, I feel sure… sound like a smart girl, you are getting this under control early, so I would not worry too much, your body is probably just going through changes……

    Exercise, eat right, and dont worry too much about it….You are only 14….

  6. Natalie said :
  7. TJ ROSSI said :

    Renew your mind……… quit stuff’n your face, start exercising and eating right, make new friends, enjoy the simple things in life, enjoy your transformation and be happy you’re alive!


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