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how do you lose stomach fat, without losing fat everywhere and looking too thin?

the only place i have a problem with is my lower tummy, i’m thin everywhere else, so how would i lose that fat? cardio?

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9 Responses to “how do you lose stomach fat, without losing fat everywhere and looking too thin?”

  1. . said :

    Stay off of your butt.

  2. Corey said :

    it’s mainly about your diet. EAT HEALTHY. Do cardio, and afterwards work your abs, crunches, leglifts, etc.

  3. Jenkins1022 said :

    Try jogging or running which in general, helps lose fat. You can also try sit-ups or areas that work that abs area. Something else that might help is to sit straighter or stand up straight after you eat, because they apparently cause pot bellies. Hope this helps and best of luck!

  4. Sarahi said :

    Targetted weight loss is quite hard, many people would declare impossible, but I worked off a few inches from my waistline by following the tips and tricks on the web portal in the box below. Give it a try, their help is very down to earth!

  5. Pedro said :

    eat healthy and exercise

  6. Rusty said :

    Diet and exercise are the only way to lose any fat. Contrary to what we used to believe, you can’t spot-treat fat. Meaning stomach exercises don’t burn stomach fat, leg exercises don’t burn leg fat, etc.

    The best and fastest results will be from running. Run at least 3 times a week. Try to go 2 miles each run (you can alternate between walking and jogging as needed).

    You’ll also need to have a good diet if you really want a flat stomach. Don’t starve yourself or your body will try to store more calories to make up for it, and eat several small meals a day instead of 3 big ones if possible. Avoid obvious fatty things like soda, fast-food, butter, and also stay away from processed cards. If you’re going to eat bread make sure the ingredients read whole wheat, not just wheat.

  7. hilda h said :

    Sit ups and crunches at least 5 to 6 times a week I would. 100 of each in the morging, 200 when I came home from work or school and 200 before bedtime… I would wake up in the morning with out feeling tired.

  8. qris said :

    Your question is wrong and you don’t even know why. The question you are asking is how to get rid of stomach fat when you are thin everywhere when you should be asking why do I have stomach excess when I am thin everywhere. Once you know that answer you can begin to address how to decrease the roundness of your stomach.

    A rounder stomach can be a sign of several issues and most people get concerned because of the perceived lack of attractiveness, not the underlying health issues that are more important.

    As you know fat storage could cause belly bulge, but if you are female it’s unusual to be more robust in the core and thin everywhere else as fat on women tends to be stored on the hips, love-handles and buttocks not the stomach. That is unless you have a second issue of fat which is the general lack of muscle. Women who have very little muscle and high fat concentrations can look very skinny but eventually the fat can buildup and start increasing certain areas of the body and the stomach because of it’s shape and placement is often the first noticeable. Men usually gain fat there first so it becomes more obvious earlier.

    If you have low muscle tone and you are building fat onto your core that is an early warning sign of pending middle age weight gain. There is no quick solution here but daily aerobic exercise can limit this gain while weight training can help tone muscles used to keep this paunch in place. A basic workout for both is all that is needed as no exercise has ever proven to shrink the gut in isolation but a generalized program helps reduce the visual size through toning and training.

    If you are on a diet and you have a paunch this can be a sign of increased gassiness due to food issues but it can also represent your bodies poor nutrition. An improper diet or one that lacks in necessary calories contrary to what certain people believe can cause a protrusion of the belly rather than a shrinking. For reference think of victims of hunger in Africa, many of them have what is called a distended stomach due to low quality foods or lack of foods. Maintaining a proper and regular diet filled with proteins and vegetables and fruits rich in necessary vitamins and minerals will encourage a healthy weight that will resemble a flatter stomach.

    There are several stance, posture and growth issues that can cause a stomach to protrude. Scoliosis, poorposture, even sitting in a chair all day can push the stomach lining and distend the lower belly outwards. Again the fix for this is good exercise.

    I will also add that generally if your body maintains good posture you tend to lose the paunch. Ways to encourage good posture is to do yoga (slow moving not power yoga) or Pilates. You also benefit from the toning of muscles, the strengthening of the core muscles as well as it being a generalized exercise program good for your health. Both will allow you to retain a neutral spine and counteracts the negative forces caused by sitting all day.

    This last tidbit is from experience, the longer or farther you walk can also tighten the lower abdomen reducing the potbelly look. For better weight loss you might try running. Either way, the movement of the legs seems to correspond to a toning of the waistline which appears to trim the potbelly look

  9. Antony said :

    i use acai berry to lose fat… can lose fat with acai berry………Try it


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