has anyone tried Phentermine 37.5 to loose weight?

If so, how quickly did you loose the weight and where can I buy it without a prescription? I need to loose twenty pounds!

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7 Responses to “has anyone tried Phentermine 37.5 to loose weight?”

  1. richmond*girl said:

    Its not safe – please please don’t use it.
    The reason you can’t buy it without a doctors script is because you need to be monitored by a doctor when using it.

  2. JeffyB said:

    Drugs don’t work for losing weight, and they have dangerous side effects. You’ll lose a little and then gain it all back with health problems to boot. The only way is eating a better diet & exercise daily. Good luck.

  3. jerry s said:

    My family and I have been using the best cleansing technology…:)the first time I did it, I lost 13 pounds in 9 days:)….

    cleansewithcgnj. com

    It will change your life:)

  4. Sarah K said:

    Yeah, I used it … the weight won’t come off quickly as you may want it too. I got it from my doctor and lost about 20 lbs in 2 months combined with eating healthy and an exercise plan. If your doctor won’t prescribe it for you then you most likely don’t need it. You can’t buy it legally without a prescription – and if you do find it someplace, be careful because it is most likely imported from someplace and isnt’ approved by the FDA.

  5. Italian Samurai said:

    Please don’t use that stuff!!! It is never ever good to take diet pills. If you don’t really care about your health than consider this: Using diet pills to lose weigth almost always results in gaining that weight back and plus some. YOUR BODY WILL RETALIATE. The weight will come back and your health will suffer! Which will wreck your metabolism even further.
    The best way to lose weight is to exercise and then slowly adjust your deit to one more healthy and full of veggies and fruit. That sounds boring but just think… As this program slowly melts off pounds, your body has the proper time to adjust and the results become more permanent, then your metabolism adjusts and speeds up, further helping you to lose weight. After a year, you will have lost your 20 pounds and then some. Sure this takes longer, but one year from now after the diet pills have not made you happy, you will still have 20 pounds and be sad. Or you could have been exercising this whole time and feel great and look great at the end of one year!
    Good luck!

  6. Adam L said:

    One thing that will help you lose weight: diet pills. I was one of those who did not believe in them until I tried it. And I tried a few. The best product I found on the market is made with pure hoodia and it works great! You can go to
    http://www.newlproject.info and order you free trial, also you only pay 6.95$ shipping and handling. Good luck!

  7. debbiesmommy said:

    I’ve heard from all my friends who used to use Phentermine that the 30mg blue/clear capsules actually work BETTER than the 37.5mg tablets. Weird huh? But regardless….

    Phentermine is 100% illegal to order online without a face-to-face doctor patient relationship involved. That’s why all the sites that sell it are scams. They don’t care about you or your weight loss and they just want to steal your money. My sister even got scammed by myrxbilling back in 2005 when they charged her card for 2 plane tickets to the cayman islands!!!

    I gave up on it after getting ripped off by rxfuture and then valupharm, so I took the plunge and tried the non prescription version called Phentramin (spelling?) which I got at http://www.phenforum.com/phentramin

    Please email me at [email protected] if you want a buddy to lose weight with cause I’m actually looking for someone else around 220lbs. My starting weight was 238 so I lost 18 pounds since I started the new stuff. My first goal is to get to 200 flat and I’d like someone to share the journey together.

  8. kitchen look said:

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