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how can i knwo if i am a person with good fitness or no , is there any calculation with height and weight or wt to do ,, thx!

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5 Responses to “fitness…???”

  1. valeriebby said :

    Try using a BMI chart. They’re great to show if your underweight, average(normal) weight, overweight, or obese. Google BMI. =]

  2. dailyvaca said :

    BMI is a great tool but it doesnt tell the whole story because weight is very subjective. The best way to tell is your reaction to physical activity. If walking up the stairs makes you winded or lifting something makes you sore for days, you have your answer.

  3. So fresh so clean said :

    BMI tool.

  4. lohwaizen said :

    Check the scales everyday

  5. Hansum B Wundrful said :

    Simple…Have a look in the mirror. If you like what you see you’re good. If you don’t..get moving 30-40 minutes a day. Good luck


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