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Fat loss for a relatively slim person?

I am 19 years old, 5ft4 and 110lbs. Despite being relatively light, I still have some protruding flab around my stomach and lower back (let’s just say it looks out of place on the rest of my figure) that I really can’t stand. It’s upset me quite a lot since I was about 14. I’ve tried numerous things to lose it, while still managing to be healthy and safe about it but no matter what I do I remain the same weight appearance and measurements. I know it’s impossible to drop fat from a specific area of the body but I don’t lose it from ANYWHERE let alone my stomach and back.

I’m currently in a routine where I do a 20 minute run 4 times a week and an hour run once. I’m eating around 1600cal a day consisting of healthy foods. I’m also doing core toning exercises once a day.

Will this actually work for me? Or are there some people who can only seem to have a well toned and slender body if they exercise to the extreme and starve themselves!?

Please be constructive with your answers. Thanks!

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One Response to “Fat loss for a relatively slim person?”

  1. Rose W said :

    Okay, it sounds like you want to hear some alternative ideas. I’ll start by listing my dietary beliefs. (You can find most of them described in detail in Fit for Life books by Harvey Diamond best explains why dairy is bad and food combining, and Somersize by Suzanne Somers explains food combining with low carb.)

    Milk is actually bad for you. The fat of milk is actually okay, is my understanding, like butter and heavy cream.

    Refined carbs are bad for you. (Sugar, white flour, white rice.)

    Some fruits and veggies are actually really high in carbs, so you might want to avoid them while you are actively trying to lose weight. The main high carb fruit is banana, the veggies are carrots, peas, corn, etc.

    I firmly believe it’s not all about the calories. If person A eats 1600 calories of all white rice, and person B eats 1600 of veggies and nuts, person B is going to lose more weight. I think the main thing to think about is make sure you are eating only whole grains, but not too many. And the rest be low carb fruits and veggies, and proteins like meat and nuts.

    When you eat, eat until you are not hungry, instead of until you are full. (Regardless of the calories.) Then the next time you are hungry, do that again, even if it’s not “meal” time. Most of the research I’ve ever done indicates that the best success is with frequent small meals throughout the day, to keep your metabolisim going constantly. In my opinion, the whole calories a day thing is pointless, it’s all about portion size, and healthy low carb foods.

    Whenever I really stick to all that, my weightloss is the best. I’m 32 and have had three babies, so it doesn’t go very fast for me, but following those guidelines always works best.


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