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What type of a fitness program should I start if I wanted to start firefighting?

Our community is short on volunteer firefighters so I’m applying. I’m already in pretty good shape but I can always do better. Any advice or recommendations on what a good fitness program would be? How would P90X be?

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2 Responses to “What type of a fitness program should I start if I wanted to start firefighting?”

  1. natasha k said :

    Go by your local fire station and ask around, that’s a good way to see what you are in for and to learned from the people who are already there.

  2. Natalie said :

    p90x gets great reviews, check them out:

    You’ll also want some adjustable dumbbells to go along with the program (don’t forget the chin-up bar):

    Alternatively you can buy individual dumbbells, which is my personal preference. I like rubber coated HEX dumbbells the best:

    You’ll want this p90x chin/pull up bar (that’s door mounted, you might want to search for wall mounted):

    or a ‘tower’:

    You might also want to get pushup bars, I personally use this:

    although it’s pricey compared to others, so any of these will work fine:

    I also suggest resistance bands, I suggest ripcords brand as they don’t break on you (I had to go to the emergency room once because I was using bad ones from a gym, and it snapped and nearly broke my hand by slinging itself):

    Get the 5 set or 6 set (don’t get it with the DVD).

    And lastly, you should have a good recovery drink. I prefer this one myself over the p90x specific one:

    ps, if you don’t want to put on too much muscle, use light weights (I suggest getting all 5 sets):


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