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Does wearing a bin liner during exercise speed up weight loss?

i want to lose my beer belly and have been told to wear a bin liner whilst exercising as it makes you sweat more hence increasing weight loss. Is this true?

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12 Responses to “Does wearing a bin liner during exercise speed up weight loss?”

  1. notgnal said:

    what..just a bin liner..?…..ooher…!

  2. joanne b said:

    I’ve never heard of this i think all it will do is make you look silly lol

  3. gibbsy said:

    Yes,but in the long run its no good.All you are doing is de hydrating.Its water you need to flush your body!

  4. thomas f said:


  5. heARTfelt said:

    Just a big fat “lol” @ this.


    Sweating doesn’t make you lose weight, it makes you lose water, which will make the number on the scale lower momentarily. This is dehydration, and obviously not desired. Once you drink water, you will rehydrate and you will be the same weight again.

    If you do cardio coupled with stomach-toning exercises, and eat well, you will lose weight.

  6. Obsidian?! said:

    Its a myth!!

  7. bob said:

    It will not help at all. What will happen is you will heat up quicker and sweat more.
    When you exercise you need to keep hydrated otherwise you will lose too much water and essential salts which in turn will reduce performance and can lead to serious illness.
    You are better just going at a steady pace and taking your time over it, not going for the quick fixes. There is a reason it’s called a beer belly – you’ll need to cut down the beer I’m afraid.
    Good luck.

  8. Jungle Girl said:

    I dont know LOL

  9. nutsan_boults said:

    like everyone else has said, it IS just water weight. good for flushing out toxins, thats about it.

  10. Alex Smith said:

    Haaaa no, boxers use this method of training to get themselves ready for a certain fight by dropping down in weight it wont help you at all! just makes your look stupid!

  11. Birdie Sniff said:

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  12. Bea Schaal said:

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