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Does this seem like a good exercise regime to lose fat quickly?

I wake up early in the morning (Mon.-Fri.), and I do my regular exercises (push ups, sit ups, etc…) then I do about 40 mins or so of cardio. Then at night, I do my HIIT, or intense interval training, I run all out for about 40 secs, jog for 1 min, and repeat the process for about 5-10 mins (I usually do this only on Mon., Wed., and Fri.). Does this sound like a good exercise schedule to lose fat quickly? Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Does this seem like a good exercise regime to lose fat quickly?”

  1. Dom said :


  2. Margaret 003 said :

    hell yeah. you’ll probsbly gain a little muscle too.

    please answer mine;_ylt=AuwKFBvtnWsnIrfNf45ENmEazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100225132128AAY53l2

    im gonna try this too.

  3. HanHiKoWski said :

    the key to burning fat is a long, moderate period of exercise that draws calories away from stored fat. It is best to do this type of exercise on a nearly empty stomach.

    it would be more beneficial to wake up, have a very small breakfast, wait, and jog for 30 minutes than it would a 5-10 minute jog sprint switch.

    Not saying the HIIT isn’t working, but in 10 minutes u are only burning about 250 calories with an exercise like that, u need to be doing something longer.

  4. Kazuma said :

    As long as your eating habits are good, you should be on your way to some decent fat loss. It won’t be fast, though, so you need to be patient. Fast fat loss is usually bad for you.

    Good luck!


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