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Can anybody explain the correlation between massively overweight Americans & check shorts?

Just wondering, as it seems to be the attire of choice for this particular group. Do they think the check pattern makes them appear slimmer?
Fergie68 – No – thats Chav culture – a completely different thing to what i’m describing – Still a thumbs up for your efforts all the same!
Violet Pearl – Aaaaahhhhhh Hawaiian print ! My last holiday in Florida has just come back to haunt me! Of course – the two are usually worn together!

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6 Responses to “Can anybody explain the correlation between massively overweight Americans & check shorts?”

  1. Violet Pearl said :

    Check patterns are cheaper to produce (and no one likes them anyway) so clothing manufacturers can cut costs when making larger size garments by using check patterns.

    Hawaiian print is another popular choice

  2. babybunny1979 said :

    sorry i am not giving an answer, i just had to laugh as i have never thought of this before now,

  3. kofi from golders green said :

    The horrendous pattern is supposed to blind you from realising just how much lard is on the hoof.

  4. trainer53 said :

    A little judgmental aren’t we? Because you can judge this way I suppose your anatomy is perfect?

  5. Andyman said :

    This phenomena has baffled social scientists and psychologists for many years. There are all sorts of different theories floating about but, as the explanation of consciousness alludes the most ardent philosopher and scientist, so this particular puzzle must be left in the ‘unanswered’ box. One of lifes many mysteries!

  6. fergie68 said :

    they are also very fond of white trainers and baseball caps…and mustache’s….mostly the men, but the occassional woman too. But lets not get too critical, has anyone walked down any UK high street lately…Vicky Pollards all over the place…Kappa track suits etc, Burberry caps, we are the Americans mirror, like it or not.


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