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I am overweight and i want to jog?

So i am 220 pounds and 5’9. I want to loose weight badly. I don’t have to loose it quickly i just want to loose it. I was wondering should i start out walking first or jog slowly. Also how far should I walk for. How long i after i walk should i start jogging. thanks in advance

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3 Responses to “I am overweight and i want to jog?”

  1. David H said :

    You should walk first to warm up. Then start jogging, try to jog for at least 30minutes :]. and oo definately get some music, bring an mp3 player along! good luck breh, i hope u live a healthier life 😀

    What’s the most important thing is that you go do it. most people say they do things and they never do! NOT tomorrow not later BUT NOW! get out and do it now!

  2. KK said :

    Why can’t anyone answer your question? Walk for 1 minute, jog for 2, walk for one…and increase it everyday.

  3. ♥.<333 said :

    try getting up early in the morning so your body can get used to burning energy earlier…and start out by taking 30-45 minute brisk walks before breakfast, then gradually step it up into a jog…always exercise before you eat (you’ll burn more fat that way) because if you try to exercise after you’ve eaten, you’re just gonna be burning off what you just ate, and not what’s stored
    cut back on carbs, and try to eat 6 smaller meals a day

    remember, never sit down after you’ve jogged, always walk for i bit first to get your heartrate back down


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