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belly fat??

I only have like 2 weeks to lose my belly fat. I’m not a cow or anything it’s only the normal little fat stored around my lower belly like normally women get. I need a QUICK way to lose the belly fat and tone up. Any tips? Please I really need this it is more important to me than you know.! I want this so bad I don’t care if it unhealthy, I can’t spend any money so don’t tell me to go out and buy some product that probley don’t work. All I have to work with is 2 5 pound weights, resistance band, treadmill(Which hasn’t worked on me so far), and a yoga ball. PLEASE HELP ME! SEROUS ANSWER ONLY!


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15 Responses to “belly fat??”

  1. sophieb said :

    I don’t know your age so I hesitate to suggest, but I saw Relacor on tv says you can lose belly fat. I’ve never tried it. What I do is just stop eating for a day here and there and my tummy goes back to normal (flat).

  2. Sylk said :

    You’ve picked the most difficult area in which to lose fat. Do sit-ups if you can’t walk for 30 minutes a day. Good luck.

  3. abfabmom1 said :

    Seriously, it doesn’t work to try to lose fat only in one area. If you have fat to lose, you need to do aerobic exercise, and lose it all over (if it accumulates in your belly, likely you’ll lose it from there quickly, too).

    If it’s not working, my suggestion is to spend more time doing it, and/or go faster.

    The more muscle mass you have, the faster you’ll burn fat, so feel free to use the weights & resistance band to tone the muscles…But, you’ll need to get back on the treadmill if you want to lose fat.

  4. RobsVision said :

    Take a look at Relacore. It worked great for me.

  5. Rob R said :

    I know this isn’t the answer you want, but there is no miracle way of losing weight despite all of the commercials you see. You need to start a diet and exercise program, and you can make some gains in two weeks, but you’ll really need to keep this up for quite some time.

    Use your treadmill and figure out how to measure your heart rate. Most people can get into a 65-80% of their max heart rate by increasing the elevation and doing a brisk walk at 3.0 to 4.0 mph on the treadmill. This is a good training zone and you’ll want to do about 45 mins a day, every day.

    Now with that being said there are some tricks that pro models, etc. use to get ready for photo shoots, but these people are already in peak shape.

  6. shelleigh said :

    reverse crunches really work will or you can try pilates that helps too

  7. siani said :

    um…try to do 6 inches…

    it’s when you are on your back and you lift your legs 6 inches above the ground…it works for your lower abs… I put my hands under my butt for balance and doing it for a while…you’ll feel it…

    that’s just one thing…I’m sure that there are others…

  8. hotmommy said :

    Dont just do sit ups studies have proven that sit ups alone wont get rid of stubborn belly fat. A good aerobics to get the heart pumping will do best. Try doing Tae bo or kickboxing or jogging. Anything to get the heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a day will help partnered with the sit ups.

  9. bib b said :

    There is no fast way of losing belly fat. I’m fighting the same problem. I have been trying lose em for like 3 months now. So 2 weeks are definitely not sufficient. I am beginning to see results now, but still have a long way to go. The best way is to excercise, where you must sweat a hell lot. Do sit ups, jogging. And if u can spen a little, buy nutraslim tea and drink it atleast twice a week. However if want results a bit fast. Drink the tea every day for two weeks. That will giv satisfactory results.

  10. duhreex3 said :

    Do sit ups and or watch them excersise videos in the morning. and Lower what you usually eat. When you want something verry bad eat half of it then give the other have to somebody else or throw it away.

  11. yums said :

    read tips on weight loss and exercises that will help you better on this site

  12. Paul S said :

    two weeks isn’t a lot of time for visible results. but try this.

    1. watch what you eat. cut out all soda. coffee and tea is fine. limit your consumption to 2000 calories per day. and spread it out over 3 meals every 5 hours.

    2. on the treadmill, job 5 miles a day, everyday for 14 days.

    3. grab your resistance band, put it around your wrists, then grab your yoga ball and get in the push up position with the ball under your feet and your arms wide. then do knee tucks, driving your knees into your chest and roll back out with the ball. do as many reps as you can. then hold back in that push up position for 1 minute. repeat 3 times. this exercise is working your abs, hip flexors, shoulders, lower back, triceps and chest all at the same time.

    4. then grab your 5 lb weights and do jumping jacks with shoulder presses with the 5 lb weight for 1 minute. rest 30 seconds and repeat 5 times.

    5. finish with man makers. standing feet shoulder width apart, grab both dumbells, do a bicep curl, into a shoulder press, then drop down with weights in hand into push up position, now with one arm at a time, pull your right arm up and into your right chest and back down repeat with your left arm, then drop into a pushup. that’s one manmaker. do 10.

    fyi, you should do all 5 everyday. it will be very difficult, but if you can do it, you got a good shot of accomplishing your goal.

  13. pooterilgatto said :

    From what I understand: cut your calorie intake is no 1. Then increase exercises, whatever you like the best, walking,cycling, even housework burns calories, and keep your food intake low. There should be a difference if you keep that up for 2 weeks.Abdominal; crunches are a help as well,resistance bands are good and so are your weights Excercise your whole body. One tends to get hungry after exercise, be determined not to increase your food intake, and drink water

  14. Chris S said :

    OK, don’t do anything unhealthy – it won’t work. No dieting pillls – they won’t work. Why only two weeks? Why such a big deal? A little belly fat is cute on a girl. Focus on exercise more than diet (of course you should watch what you eat, but you still need energy.) You need weight/yoga training plus cardio. It’s good to build and tone muscle because muscle burns calories – even as you sleep. Lay down on your medicine ball and do crunches (flex your abs.) Do 15 reps, then rest your 10lbs on your chest and do two more stes of 15 reps. Then put your arms down on the floor as if your doing a pushup, and rest your feet on the ball. Roll the ball inwith your feet – you should almost be able to touch your knees to your abs. 3 sets of 15. Then lie on your back, and with your shoulders flat on the ground, put your feet on the ball and flex your abs. Then roll the ball in toward your butt with your feet. Three sets. Do you have a pole to grab onto? Lay down on the ball so it’s underneath your lower back, grab onto that pole, an lift your legs up while kjeeping them stright together. Give your abs three days of rest before trying this again – you’ll be sore. Combine this with a lot of cardio – go running, biking, or swimming, if possible. Change your exercise routine every day – don’t let your muscles get “trained” – try to surpise them. Try seven minute abs – takes too long to explain, but you can try looking it up online.

  15. pretty7 said :

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    Good luck


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