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Anyone got a good workout suggestion on how to lose fat fast?

I use to be a cross country runner 3 years ago now I’m not as strong as back then. I got muscles from doing sit ups and push ups but there is a problem. I still got a layer of fat sort of covering my muscles from showing… I need to know a workout that would get rid of that layer of fat from the arm, legs, belly, and etc. My fat is sort of covering my muscles and it pisses me off that my muscles were for nothing. Please I just need to know some tricks how to lose fat quick. I don’t wanna hear dieting aka starving and liposuction. Just give me a good exercise routine. Thank you all for reading and I appreciate it.

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2 Responses to “Anyone got a good workout suggestion on how to lose fat fast?”

  1. Joycee said :

    lean cuisine

  2. Catherine said :

    to burn fat you need to burn calories. you can keep working out to maintain and better your current muscle(more muscle means more calories burnt fyi). you need to run everyday, and do a lot of walking. sleep well also.

    im just like you, and it sucks so much to have a stupid layer of fat in the worst places! ive been running for awhile and its definitely going away. i hate being patient but thats what you gotta do.

    one more thing to add.. dairy is great for making your body more willing to lose fat when you burn the calories..
    the words are a little confusing at a first glance, but the graphs are pretty good.


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