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Any tips on losing weight heathily?

I have been trying to lose weight and I have been doing really well but I’m 3 weeks in an I really am finding things hard. Missing chocolate big time! I need some words of wisdom, something I don’t know please, I don’t want answers like eat veg and exercise- I aready know that! Please any tips would be great! Thanks!
Thanks so much guys, all the answers are great so I’m not gonna pick a best answer. I really feel lifted and motivated by your comments, help, suggestions and support! Thank you all so much, hopefully I will make it to my goal and maintain it. Lots of love xxx

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11 Responses to “Any tips on losing weight heathily?”

  1. tomatoheadsinger said :

    The main thing is, just count your calories. If you eat 1500 calories per day, you can lose one pound per week, since the average person burns 2000 calories per day, which would put you burning 500 more calories per day than you eat. Multiply 500 by 7 days of the week, and that gives you 3500, which is the magic number–the number of calories equal to one pound. Eat a MINIMUM of 1200 calories per day. Exercise burns even more if you don’t eat extra to make up for it. Cardio can boost your metabolism and get you burning you calories faster. Weigh yourself once per week (pick a day) in the morning after you use the restroom and before you eat anything. That will give you a pretty accurate understanding of your weight to work by. One thing also that can help if you want to try it is picking a meal plan that will keep you at the number of calories you want, then eating that every day. Nothing else. It’s easier to stay focused that way. Now that, you won’t keep off unless you already know how to MAINTAIN weight, because it’s not really teaching you how to eat right. Try to fit in as many veggies and fruits and salads into that as possible, because they’re pretty low in calories and it will allow you to eat more. Also get plenty of protein. You don’t want to lose muscle (your organs are also made of protein, so you have to have it to stay healthy). Grains are also really good for the mornings (Whole grains only! “Wheat” does not mean whole. Look for the word “whole.) to give you some energy for your day, but cut down on them the rest of the day. They’re lots of calories. And don’t do dried fruit either. Because since all the water is out of it, dried fruit is really just compacted calories. Which brings me to something else–drink lots of water. It keeps you full without adding any calories on. Soup is the same way, if you can see through it. Not if it’s the creamy kind, like potato. Avoid those.

  2. Ana said :

    water, water, water, water, water,

  3. Natalie said :

    Walk more often and have 3 meals a day. Sorry that is the best I can come up with!!

  4. Jason said :

    eat whatever you want just try and burn it off after have a chocolate just get your self to the gym or go for a bicycle ride to burn off the calories. Don’t deprive yourself otherwise you will just regret it and put the weight back on and be unhappy.

    I have a slim body and I treat myself far too much, only thing is I put a little more effort in when I have had a little too much sugar why don’t you just do the same.

  5. dieguin1 said :

    No easy way that lasts… I’ve lost 104lbs in 8 months.
    I went to a nutritionist. I get to eat a lot of things I like, and don’t have to eat what I don’t.
    I do moderate excercise. Walk daily between 20 to 60 minutes. I am now swiming 3/4 miles per day. Current weight 209lbs. Want pictures?

  6. Mnt_MM said :

    I feel your pain. I love chocolate (dark yum!)too. One thing I noticed since giving it up entirely is that I do not crave it after not having it for 5 days. Funny, how that worked out. Discipline is difficult the 1st few days…I know since I’m a closet eater. Anytime I had the chance, I would stuff my face with something as though I wasn’t going to eat again. It took alot of willpower, and now feel much better. I’ve been to Weight watchers and tried to follow other routines, but I really believe it takes willpower and learning to listen to your stomach. If it’s not growling…then you’re not hungry. (I know easier said than done!) You might try brushing your teeth after a meal. It works for me. Or, try a hobby that will take your mind off food. Me…well I answer these messages…It helps me stay away from food. Good Luck!

  7. John M said :

    Try to focus beyond the craving, what is life going to be like when you’ve reached your target weight/shape? If I eat that how will it affect my target weight/shape? Is it worth wrecking 3 weeks of great work for a choc bar? Keep doing the right things at the right time

  8. aj_sahm said :

    this has been helping me a ton. It has great support groups and accountability groups.

  9. simon t said :

    you seem to have a gr8 attitude to loosing weight already and as you know that you have to eat healthily and do some exercise , i wont mention that part . OK I’m guessing that you eating pretty much the same thing each day ( correct me if I’m wrong ) maybe this is starting to make food boring , i would recommend a varied diet , there’s loads of great tasting stuff out there ( including stuff to snack on ) , try and change things up so you don’t get sick of one particular meal ( salad for example ) . and don’t forget you are allowed to treat your self now and again , you can have chocolate , you can have pizza and Indian food ( and all the rest ) as long as you eat healthy and exercise the rest of the week maybe you should have a “treat day” were you can eat anything you want Friday is perfect for this, and its something to look forward too ( end of the week and beginning of the weekend) any way I’m on my treat day now lol and I’m having a few beers ( a few to many ) and i think I’m beginning to ramble3 lol so I’ll try to sum what I’m saying up – your going in the right direction , dont forget all the tasty healthy stuff that you can eat , treat your self once a week ( for being good , you do deserve it ) and dont forget the reason why you wanted to loose in the first place , remember these and you’ll achieve your aim ,keep it up best of luck from simon t xxxx

    ps ; welcome to the mad house which is yahoo answers

  10. Bhavan S said :

    Want to know how to reduce weight fast and lose that weight forever? Without affecting your health. Read some Experts selected Articals for useful tips.Checkout this link

  11. Willim said :

    Your desire for chocolate maybe due to fact that your body needs magnesium. Despite the adverts cows milk is not good for humans, it is good for baby cows.

    We are better off with a cup of greens, say spinach, than a cup of milk as there is a better balance of calcium & magnesium in the greens. Cows eat green grass, visit a butcher’s shop and compare your bones with the equivalent cow’s one.

    It is the oestrogen in the body that causes weight gain. American farmers are allowed to add oestrogen to their cattle feed so that the cattle gain weight faster. Fortunately we do not add oestrogen to the cattle food in Europe.

    … an aside
    Optimal Health Guidelines
    “One of them, 17 beta-estradiol is banned by the European Union on Scientific Committee on Veterinary Medicine since it is considereda “complete carcinogen … [that[ exerts both tumor initiating and tumor promoting effects.”

    The sub text of that is don’t eat beefburgers or hamburgers and low quality beef if and when you visit the United States.
    … back to main story

    Oestrogen causes the same effect on humans if we are oestrogen dominant we cannot lose weight permanently but will yo-yo between being too heavy and our “target weight”

    If we are oestrogen dominant food is converted to fat. If there is adequate progesterone (hormone balance) both food and fat can be converted to energy.

    That’s the story for the majority of people. You maybe one of these rare people with insufficient oestrogen

    I would like to suggest that you do the on line hormone tests at or

    If they recommend you obtain hormones please have a saliva test done see or

    A saliva test will check out active hormones something that blood tests do not.

    If a hormone is suggested by the saliva test please take the dose suggested for you. Size 10 shoes are not twice as good if you have size 5 feet.

    The WHO (World Health Organisation) uses saliva tests.

    A transcript of a John Lee talk – this explains why for hormones a blood test is worthless. Blood tests find hormones but they are the one on their way out of the body. The reults do not reflect the active hormone levels.

    One woman’s search for the cure for her illness 1997 revised 2002… – 33.htm yes about 30 odd pages… lists the things that may occur due to hormone imbalance

    If you want a second opinion I’d suggest one of the doctors on the list. Also on this site there other women’s stories.

    If you search elsewhere on the web for “natural progesterone” or “natural progesterone weight” you may come across many stories.

    At there is quite a bit of information on how hormones work.

    The books are available on Amazon uk (if not see, it is easier to find the info there than browsing the web.

    The optimal health guidelines may be where yiu want to start
    The “menopause” contains much of John Lee’s information. Some of the topics are relevant to bothn seex whatever age.

    Hope this helps and good luck


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