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How do I build Muscle?

I am a teen boy who wants to build muscle. Am I old enough to? I’m 13 and a half years old. How do I get visible results quickly, and does working out make you appear less skinny and lanky and get buff, or does it just make you looser weight.
How do I make m abdominal muscles more prominent (sticking out)?
And I don’t have access to weights and stuff.

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5 Responses to “How do I build Muscle?”

  1. dietzel362000 said :

    lift weights,and eat more.

  2. Mopar Muscle Gal said :

    lift weights every other day
    increase reps and weights as you become used to it
    do push ups, pull ups, crunches,
    increase your protein and calcium intake
    Its not a instantaneous process
    you should see visible results in 3 months

  3. Alexander T said :

    The best advice I can give you is go to, you’ll find everything about working out and eating properly. There are thousands of articles on everything you need to know. And make sure you check the forum as well. There are videos and pics for every exercise, workout regimes….You can join a gym (recommended) or workout at home. There is a teen section (check out the forum), where you can get in touch with other more experienced lifters and get the best advice. And all that is for free.

    13 is the right age to start. I wish I started when I was 13. If you do things the right way, by the time you’re 16 you’ll be very strong and look and feel great.

  4. SLS said :

    I’ll give you all the exercises I know that don’t require a dumbbell or barbell, but realize it will be tougher without them, so I really suggest you guy and buy some. Here is a schedule for you to follow to help you out.

    20 sets of as many pushups as you can do each set.

    15-20 sets of as many situps as you can do.

    10 sets of as many pullups as you can do. Go out and find a bar to do this on, like on a jungle gym, or purchase a bar to stick in your doorway.

    20 sets of as many pushups again.

    This will be harder to gain muscle without the barbell. Follow this exercise plan, along with eating a lot, and you should start seeing slight results in a few weeks.

    Eat 3000 or so calories per day. Purchase a protein shake powder and have that (mix it with milk) after your workouts. Eat a lot of carb sources from your breads, pastas, and rice, as these are your main energy source. Trim up on foods containing a lot of sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fats, as they are unhealthy for you but okay to have every once in awhile. Having fat is okay, just make sure you have mostly unsaturated fats.

    Good luck and e-mail me with any questions.

  5. allenbmeangene said :

    Well,really, any sort of resistance —and any doctor, nurse, or strength training coach will confirm this— will help you build muscle strength. You don’t necessarily need weights. Make sure, however, that the load is one you can handle. At your age, I would recommend plenty of physical activity.


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