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Are there any Privet health insurance companies in Great Briton?

or is there only government controlled health care? Can anyone tell me if any country that has a “public option” for health care also has competing privet companies?

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3 Responses to “Are there any Privet health insurance companies in Great Briton?”

  1. Andy H2 said :

    Loads of them….BUPA or PPP are just 2!

  2. [email protected] said :

    Yes, we have loads in the uk.

    You can get both free health care under the NHS, or private care (which you pay for) under private arrangements.

    Most people opt for the free NHS.

  3. Cala B said :

    There are lots of Private Health Insurers in the UK. AXA is a popular one. Bupa offer many different heath care schemes.
    Please note that it’s “private”, not “privet”. Privet is a dense bush used as hedging!
    I don’t know whether anyone has competing private companies as well as a public option. I would have though that the whole idea of a public option for health care would be based on the fact that the option would be to use a government-backed non-profit making scheme. Once profit making companies get involved then surely there would be chaos, with people changing their policies every time a special offer arises!


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