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Would cigarettes and heroin be an efficent way to lose weight quickly?

How long am I looking at being in rehab?

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6 Responses to “Would cigarettes and heroin be an efficent way to lose weight quickly?”

  1. ⓜⓘ©ⓗⓐⓔⓛ مايِكُل كولِين said :

    Oh definitely. Umm you’ll only spend five years in rehab, well worth it. Ask Kate moss, amie winehouse etc 😀

  2. Mishima said :

    You’ll lose your lungs and mind. Rehab time: 5 years. Physical trauma recovery: 6 years. Mental recovery time: 4 1/2 years. Emotional recovery time: 7 years.

    These are all just guesses by the way.^^

  3. Fragile Want said :

    Yes if you like the starved chain smoking junkie look. Rehab? Don’t be silly that’s for quitters.

  4. Drunk Misanthrope said :

    Heroin gives you a bit of a drippy tummy but yeah it will work, Eat an apple and a can of tuna only a day and jog for an hour, smoke about 20 cigs a day and you’ll lose about 10 pounds a week.

  5. xImperfect since 1986x said :

    Don’t worry about rehab so much, death will be a much faster approach.

  6. Orlando Delacruz said :

    long time in rehab lmao


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