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Why does Canada get free health insurance?

Why does Canada get free health insurace? Like, what is the catch? Is there one?

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21 Responses to “Why does Canada get free health insurance?”

  1. u-huh...I see... said :

    they pay higher taxes!!!

  2. Fred S said :

    The catch is called tax

  3. Brad K said :

    A country can either have free health care for all, or a standing army. Nobody can afford to have both. Canada chose to have health care.

  4. dacotah kid said :

    nothing is free its paid for by taxes just as most of Europe’s Health care…. nothings is free!!!!

  5. Charlie B said :

    cos they are hosers

  6. †ღ†Jules†ღ† said :

    We pay higher taxes such as GST and income tax. However, our health care system sucks. Lack of beds, nurses, and more…..and the waiting time for surgery also sucks.

  7. morningglory said :

    There is no catch. We pay tax depending on our income level (the richer you are the more you pay) then everybody, including the poor get free healthcare. It is a great system, and no one here complaines about it, because it works for everyone. I hope we never lose it. And I also hope for underpriveledged American’s that they one day will have free health care. And that’s just what it is. Free.

  8. Kirstin Kay said :

    It actually isnt free. It is government issied. They pay higher taxes and for some things, like specialists, they have to pay a percentage of the bill…..there we go again with the media only giving half of a story……

  9. bc12012 said :

    higher taxes and govt sets how much drs. can make… all the good ones who want to make a lot of money go south to if you want to pay higher taxes 50% min and want
    second rate doctors move to canada.

  10. On the Radio Uh Oh said :

    First of all, they don’t spend billions and billions on stupid and pointless wars, so they have more money to spend on other things.

    Secondly, yes… they pay higher taxes. However, the extra taxes aren’t half as much as what we pay for medical insurance in the US, and they’re taxed on a sliding scale. And their health care is better (ie: if you need treatment to save your life, you won’t be turned away because you can’t pay… which IS the case in the US).

    EDIT: To you Canadians saying your health care is so horrible… in the US, we’re taxed *almost* as much as you (about 1/4 to 1/3 of one’s income is taxed or put into *social security*, which is rapidly becoming a joke, but that’s a different rant…). And… that doesn’t include healthcare. We have to pay for a healthcare plan… generally a few hundred dollars a month (ie: way more than $60). And we still have to pay a co-pay when we see a doctor. Likewise, since it’s private, they can deny any claim they want, and make a practice of doing so (even things like chemotherapy for cancer patients are often denied as “experimental” treatments… as are heart transplants, pacemakers, etc…). Even if the healthcare plan says they cover such things, there’s always a catch allowing them to not cover it if they don’t deem it “necessary” (this decision not made by a doctor, btw) or if there are “pre-existing problems” (note: if they have evidence that you don’t wear sunscreen, then they don’t need to cover cancer treatment… and won’t).

    So… people pay hundreds of dollars for medical insurance just to pay to see a doctor and have to pay COMPLETELY out of pocket for necessary treatments/surgeries that insurance won’t cover. So… your slightly higher taxes and measly $60 expenses to cover most anything are WAY better than what we have. So stop complaining. I realise it varies by Province, but even the most expensive isn’t what we pay in America.

    Also, I’ll point out that both the UK and Canada have a higher life expectancy than the US.

  11. Lynne W said :

    I live in Alberta in Canada and NO we do not have free health care. Health care coverage is Mandatory for all.
    Adults pay $40. -$80./mo for the basic coverage that allows you to go to a Dr.’s office.The amount you pay is based on your previous years income.
    Blue Cross coverage pays for A PORTION for ambulances / Dental/Eye glasses and is charged extra over and above the basic Alberta Health Care.
    There are 3 different Blue Cross plans to chose from and each has varying degrees of whats covered in them.
    My basic Alberta Health care costs $65./mo, and my Blue Cross (plan C ) is an additional $70./mo.
    Each of our10 Provinces has their own system .
    Hope this answers your question.

  12. leeincognito said :

    Not only Canada. Here in the UK we have our National Health Service (NHS) – Health care free at the point of use from cradle to grave, funded from general taxation. It is a matter of difference in culture. Here, when the NHS was created in 1948 there were lots of injured soldiers returning from WW2 and widows and children at home unable to pay for care privately so it was a necessity. Doctors, and the Opposition were opposed to it. Now it is something we could never get rid of. We pay high taxes to fund it, but if any politician ever said he would abolish it to fund a tax cut, he simply would suffer a spectacular electoral defeat.

    RAY: you will be hard pushed to find Brits of the opinion that our NHS “sucks”. It is a fine institution and its doctors (who may also work in the private sector if they wish), its nurses and all its auxilliary staff are considered national heroes. Ambulance crews here feel for a heart beat, never for a wallet.

  13. Pagan Dan said :

    Health insurance is a provincial responsiblity. In some provinces, it is NOT free, and the premiums are not inexpensive.

    Sure, going to a doctor is free, and going to a hospital is free. However, you have to pay for medications and phyisotherapy and ambulance fees and all that–unless you have employee benefits or something like that.

    Nevertheless, the payouts are a lot higher than the premiums, and the government sinks millions into health care. Health care is not free in Canada–the costs are divided up amongst all taxpayers and all sources of government revenue.

    You can agree or disagree with that kind of sharing of the costs. I happen to believe that accessible health care for everyone benefits us all.

    By the way, we don’t have second-rate doctors in Canada. You will find that the skill level of Canadian doctors is every bit as good as American doctors. We have doctors from all over the world wanting to come here, and there are strict tests to be allowed to practice medicine here.

    50% taxation? I love American mythology about my country. We don’t pay 50% and we don’t live in igloos either–not even the Inuit anymore.

  14. RayN-is-back said :

    The Brits nor the canuks well never tell you this But their health care sucks What was that Canadian women during driving 460 miles from Alberta to a small hospital in Montana to have her 5 babies?To prove my point that poster above ” if you don’t have money the America’s well let you die” If your American you know that’s not true and he/she knows it as well but they go ahead and say

  15. Micha M said :

    Our tax dollars pay for basic health care. That does not include dental, optical or prescriptions. We pay extra for those.

    But basically I think that our country wants every Canadian to have equal rights, when it come to yearly check-up and access to clinics and hospital.

  16. mariah said :

    Higher taxes. Nothing is free.

    – mariah

  17. tuppenybitz said :

    Australia,Canada and the UK all have similar health systems and they work very well,yes its paid for out of taxes but not as much as Americans think
    Ive never paid extra to see a specialist nor have a i had to wait for surgery when i needed it in Canada.
    The quality of doctors in Canada is just fine,i have no complaints at all
    equal health care for EVERY Canadian

  18. Chigga said :

    Health Care in Canada isn’t free. It’s supported by taxes, the costs are spread out through various governments and organizations.

    Canadian health care is on par with the best in the world. The women who had 5 babies in Montana had to go there before the equipment they needed were already being used. Both U.S. and Canadian systems have positives and negatives. We can’t say which one is better. If you’re going to flame Canadian health care, then why do U.S. seniors hop on buses and drive for hours just to get their prescription filled?

    Both systems have pluses. If you have money, it’s better in the U.S., if you’re not stupid rich, then Canada is better.

  19. harry k said :

    There are myths on both sides.

    In Canada, you won’t sit in the waiting room for days if you are having a heart attack. You will be taken care of. HOWEVER, it you have prostrate cancer, you WILL wait for treatment . You won’t in the US.

    In the US if you are a marginal employee (part time, working in a mom and pop organization) you probably won’t have health insurance and health insurance for a family of 4 could cost up to $1,000 a month. HOWEVER, you don’t have to be silly rich to have excellent affordable coverage in the US, the average worker, working for a mid-sized to large corporation has EXCELLENT AFFORDABLE medical coverage.

  20. HAPA CHIC said :

    Health care is subsidized from the taxes we pay .
    it is a rumour where people think its free…but in general it does work out better and I prefer to pay higher taxes for the benefits
    uk /austrialia are similiar maybe we should ask what is up with the American health care system ?hmmm

  21. Your Name here: said :

    I think the United States shoule have the same thing as Canada


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