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How expensive is health insurance in the United States is it only a one off payment per year or is it monthly?

I know that there has been a lot of arguments for and against free health in the United States because millions of Americans can’t afford health insurance so I am wondering how much health insurance is in the States and can do you have to pay monthly or yearly plans with insurance companies.

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7 Responses to “How expensive is health insurance in the United States is it only a one off payment per year or is it monthly?”

  1. chinacat sunflower PRC said :

    Depends, Hon. I’m one of the fortunate ones; I have health care provided by my husband’s employer (for now, anyways). My own job doesn’t provide it.
    Most major health care providers charge clients monthly, and it gets expensive….hundreds of dollars monthly, in many cases, and for-profit angencies can deny people because of preexisting conditions (heart problems, or cancer for instance.)
    The sad fact is that over 50,000 Americans die annually as a direct result of lacking health care; this is a fact. It’s pathetic that even one individual should live or die because they lack the finances to purchase insurance; the government needs to act NOW.

  2. Tiki Varmint said :

    I’m in my 50’s and I pay $730 every month for insurance coverage with Avmed of Florida. But it’s a high deductible plan and there’s also a high out-of-pocket. Basically, I would have to pay up to $3000 before the insurance kicked in. There are pages and pages of exclusions, so numerous medical conditions are not covered. I suspect a lot of people have a plan similar to mine. I have never been admitted to a hospital, but my insurance has increased 40% in the past 12 months. Not good. I’m getting raped for the greed and profit of a company that has me in a noose. No choice. Yet.

  3. RamboBlanco said :

    Being from the UK I am not qualified to answer this, but what a great question, and what great answers you have so far.

  4. Utah Health Insurance said :

    You can have the choice of paying monthly or yearly. Whichever you decide.
    As for how much it would cost, would depend on what state you were living in, how many people were on the plan and what/if any health conditions you might have.

    As an example, the average premium for a healthy family of 4 is over $1000 a month and in Utah where I am at, the average is just over $400.

  5. Dimoz said :

    The basic health insurance policy provides insurance against medical expenses that are outcome of sickness & accident. This is a novice term that refers to various surgical, medical & hospital benefits. The broad category of medical cover provides an extensive range of benefits for medical hospital & surgical care.

  6. Artur said :

    You can have both options, try this site

    here you can get quotes from different companies.

  7. Mens said :

    In the U.S. health insurance coverage for one individual can run anywhere between $4000-10,000+. It all depends on plan design, the richer the benefits the more expensive the plan.

    Your premiums are due monthly but I’m sure some insurers would allow you to pay annually.

    There is so much on this subject, but I think I’ve answered your questions.


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