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Health insurance?

I need it. going to pay out-of-pocket. 40 year old non smoking female, healthy. Any tips? Anything I should know? I’ve never shopped for health insurance, have no idea what I’m doing.

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7 Responses to “Health insurance?”

  1. Rick said :

    The number one thing to look at:

    Make sure you use a local agent who represents several carriers in your area. You want a non bias opinion on the health insurance you are going to be purchasing.

    Also, look into Health Savings Account Qualified Plans. They make ton’s of sense for the self employed.

    Good luck

  2. mbrcatz17 said :

    Go to a local, independent agent. It’s probalby going to cost you around $300 to $350 a month.

    DO NOT BUY OFF THE INTERNET, it drastically increases your chances of getting scammed. A local agent can show you how to compare plans, and will know who has lots of providers in your area.

  3. sanjua m said :

    please try this

  4. avaldreteiv said :

    If you are self employeed you should take a serious look into Health Savings Accounts, for several reasons, starting with there is a huge savings on your monthly premiums regardless if you are insuring yourself or you and your family. Things that are considered by the insruance companies are the area you live in, the type of work you do and any pre-existing conditions you might have. If you are in the state of California, and you have employees, you need a minimum of two employees and/or 75% of the payroll to participate in the plan (regardless of HSA or regular insurance) to get a guaranteed issuance of the insurance.

    If you are not self employeed but do have a job, again the HSA is great way to go, because you can make pretax contirbutions to the plan, take it with you where ever you go, and keep the insurance with you when you retire… which as common sense tells us, you are going to need healthcare much more in your retirement years (ie when you are older) then you will now. Also any qualified medical expenses can be paid tax free from the account, and once you hit your deductable out your account, anything above that is paid for by the backing insurance company.

    One note about the non bias oppinon of “brokers,” they get paid on a commission as well by the companies they represent, and some companies pay more than others. Just because you are working with an “independant” does not mean you are getting the best price, or service. You want to work with someone who knows the products that they work with inside and out, or have access to the people who do so that all your questions can be answered to your satisfaction. Some times a huge selection does not mean a huge savings in time and money.

  5. mitua s said :

    please try this

  6. Bradley S said :

    Why not get a personal shopper who knows what they’re doing to shop for you? It’s called an insurance broker. A broker works with several health insurance companies, not just one, and can find the best deal for you. Brokers need referrals and a good reputation to stay in business, so they only work with reputable companies. To find a broker in your area, log on to a website like and fill out a form requesting a quote. Your info will be sent to a broker in your area who will contact you. There is no charge for the service and no obligation to buy. Good luck!

  7. Ron V said :

    True that it may cost more to go to a broker but they will explain everything in detail. I would just going here getting a free online quote and then talk to a broker:


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