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Will my health insurance still be covered if i start college a little late ?

I’m an 19 year old male who recently registered for college late, all of the classes for right now are taken up so they told me to enroll for the spring semister, will i still be able to be covered for health insurance under my parents ?? My parents said that i must go to school in order for my insurance to still be covered. Will my health insurance still be covered ???

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5 Responses to “Will my health insurance still be covered if i start college a little late ?”

  1. short and to the point said :

    no, it will not

  2. mushtaq_ahmad43 said :

    The coverage of health insurance is a subject of the insurance companies. If the insurance company has agreed to grant you health cover at the belated age of 19 ys. then you will get the coverage otherwise not.

  3. jlf said :

    Only your parents can answer that by consulting their specific policy.

  4. v b said :

    Have your parents read the policy very carefully.

    Many policies state that as long as you are in school and can be claimed as a dependent on your parent’s taxes, you can be covered.

    The IRS rules are that to be a student, you must be enrolled full-time for any part of 5 months during the year. (You must also live at home and not support yourself.)

    If you were in High School in January to May of 2009, you could still be a dependent for tax purposes for all of 2009. If you enroll in January 2010 and attend school for 5 months in 2010, you could still be a dependent then.

    Please note that support test. If you are not in school in the fall semester, you need to be working your butt off earning money. If you just earn the money and do not spend it, you can still meet the support test to be claimed as a dependent.

    See IRS publication 501 for the support test. When I was in college, I took time off for internships. My father and I would very carefully do the form to ensure that we could prove I was still his dependent. It was extremely important to us because of insurance, exemptions, etc. (Dad made enough money to be subject to audits, so we wanted to be able to defend any audit.) Literally, my dad would tell me, put this much of your income into savings and don’t touch it. If you need money, ask me for it.

  5. Ruby R said :

    John, we have a health plan that can work with your situation. For more information send a email reply. Thank you.


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