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How to get health insurance for my unborn daughter?

I’m 22. I have health insurance coverage under my parents (it’s just better insurance than I could get on my own, that’s why I’ve kept it). However, I am pregnant and need to find insurance for my daughter for when she’s born. Under my current insurance, I am covered but she is not.

My question is, what should I do? I got an application for Medicaid but will it cover her before she is born, even though I don’t need insurance? Any advice?

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3 Responses to “How to get health insurance for my unborn daughter?”

  1. mzindica said :

    Medicaid will cover from conception, I am almost certain.

  2. Lori S said :

    You will have to wait until she is born. You will not be able to get a policy for her until then. You can apply for medicaid for yourself now (even if you do not use it) and add her within 30 days after birth, she will be covered. Some states allow the baby to be covered under the mom’s medicaid for 60-90 days after the birth. Check with your state to see if they are one.

    If you want private insurance for her, go to an independant agent and get the basics set up-know which policy you want to purchase ahead of time. Then when she is born, send the required paperwork in.

  3. mbrcatz17 said :

    You cannot get coverage for her, before she is born. Medicaid, if you qualify, will possibly go back and cover her, if you apply for it soon enough.

    But likely, you’ll be out of pocket for her birth expenses, unless you use a birthing center or a homebirth, which won’t charge for the BABY.


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