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Why are slimming pills not for 17 and below?

I am 16 and i want to lose a little weight, i can’t take exercise becasue i’m busy. but i eat well. can’t i take some slimming pills even for some weeks?

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10 Responses to “Why are slimming pills not for 17 and below?”

  1. Anna said :

    I’m 16 too and have taken them without serious side effects. It’s a liability issue, the pill companies don’t want to be sued in the RARE case that something serious happens.

  2. Sabrina said :

    There are easier ways to shed weight other than diet and exercise. You can use a supplement that flushes out your colon, you can shed up to twenty pounds like this – plus the weight reduces in the desired places too! There is a risk free trial at

  3. Samitra said :

    My sister took those. They make you skinny fast, but as soon as you stop taking them you gain all the weight back, plus some. It is hard to find the time and energy to lose weight the right way, but it is really the only that works.

  4. Evan G said :

    Because aparrently all minors are mentally retarded human vegetables & all adults are perfect.

  5. TY said :

    Havnt grown enough for the body to be able to handle some of these products

  6. Anthony said :

    there really aren’t any magical pills that help you slim and the reason they don’t let minors take them is cause they are dangerous. the best way to lose weight if you cant exercise is to cut back on the foods you eat. Try checking your RMR and BMR online, just google search it, and you can compare those numbers to how much you eat and cut it down a little bit. Trust me, stay away from those dangerous and, for the most part, fake diet pills.

  7. Starry said :

    because your body is still changing and that can stun the rest of your growth

  8. not_life said :

    Because they are not safe for you and you are still a child with a developing body. I know someone that took slimming pills and had a heart attack.

    Just take the time to workout. How do you not have the time as a 16 year old you have nothing but free time.

  9. Britney said :

    they say that because its a bunch of chemicals taht can harm a growing body. also most pills are a bunch of crap that doenst work. you also should never take them with heart medication.

    did you hear that hydroxycut had a recall because it was killing peoples livers? some people died.

    makes you think really whats in it.

    my advice is wake up and hour earlier to do some exercise, youll feel more energetic during the day. eating right and exercise is really the only was to loose weight,

    sorry to pop ur bubble.

    good luck to ya

  10. Thomas said :

    Most of them are hazardous to your health, and more specifically your heart. These risks are amplified when your body isn’t fully developed, which is the case in those people under 18. Also, these companies don’t want to be liable for the health risks to minors.
    Hydroxycut is a good example of one of those drugs that has bad effects on your heart.

    Also, most of these are simply supplements for exercise. You should never simply count on pills for weight loss. They are usually just for energy to exercise, and for a boost to your metabolism.

    The best weight loss solutions will always be a healthy diet with a good workout regimen.


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