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what slimming pills are best and cheapest to use?

what slimming pills work best and are very cheap to buy (in places like boots/supperdrug etc.) ?

and how much do they cost?

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5 Responses to “what slimming pills are best and cheapest to use?”

  1. Gerome W said :

    Just be careful, some are appetite suppressants, which are not so bad. But some really just are legal dosed ‘speed’ and I have had a few friends get really addicted to those. One friend took them for a very long time and there are all sorts of risks with heart damage, that sort.

  2. JJ said :

    Check with your doctor first.

    I am not a strong advocate of slimming pills. It should not be the panacea (cure-all) for weight loss. Many bodybuilders and athletes do take pills such as Hydroxy-cut but this is in addition to working out and proper diet. There are too many side-effects on slimming pills.

    As always, diet and exercise are the key.

    As for diet, try eating 6 smaller meals a day with a protein shake for breakfast and lunch. A single serving of fruit for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Dinner should be a sensible meal- minimize rice and breads. Try this for a two-week period. Then, vary your meals accordingly.

    Workouts should have weights and circuit type of training. Free weights are great for toning and weight-loss. Try some of the powerlifts such as squats, bench press and deadlifts. You can try dumbbell squats with shoulder presses. Here is a great and effective circuit training using a treadmill. Walk for 2 minutes (as a warm-up), jog for 2 minutes, run hard for a minute, then jog for 2 minutes, run hard for a minute, etc…do this for about 20-23 minutes. This works great.

    By the way, do not be a slave to scale. Check the mirror also. It will show results.

    This is just a start. Keep working out.

    Good Luck.


  3. KW097 said :

    Acai Berry helps suppress appetite, reduce accumulation of body fat, boost metabolism and increase energy and stamina which will burn calories.

  4. Simi said :

    Dnt tak slimming pills. Dey r nt gud. Slimming pills hav bad side effects. Exercise nd diet. U can try Acai Berry. Its nt a slimming pill bt i heard its gud. It duznt hav ani side effect n its compltely herbal.

  5. Shazza said :

    i’ve tried all the slimming pills that are out there. even one’s that you can’t buy over the counter. from my experience, i will strongly tell you not to waste any of your money on the normal herbal remedies that boots, asda, tescos, superdrug, that are cheap, they’re not cheap, in actual fact when they don’t work at all, that makes them expensive. i don’t know how much you are overwight, or how fit and healthy you are, but i don’t know how to put this, without knowing you, or more about you, so i’ll say it like this, a friend told me that she took sudafed congestion relief, it had to be the the 12hour tablets or capsuls, they contain phenylephrine, she took them in the morning, and they killed her appetite, she ate, very low cal food, and lost lots of weight. i tried them, and was amazed, after trying so many slimming pills, that told lie, after lie, promising the bikine body and so on. i had no worries, as they’ve been tried and tested for years. and they were less expensive than, so called ‘diet’ pills, they sell them in all chemists, tescos and so on. also, there’s xenical, which is an excellent diet pill, that was only available on prescription until recently, it’s now in the chemist, but at half the strength, that a doctor would prescribe, THAT WORKS TOO. a bloke in my street, is half the man he was, he’s lost stones. xenical allows you to eat normally, but doesn’t allow any fat into your system/body, it passes straight through, he could not stray too far from the toilet without disaterous results, your body absorbes all the essential vitamins that you require to maintain health, and just gets rid of the unwanted fat. then there’s phentermine, which, you can get on the net, and is about £2.00 per pill, this works for certain, but i would only recommend taking those after consulting a doctor, as you have to be fit and healthy, that’s very important, they cause different effects to different people, and can interfere with other certain medicines especially those that have been prescribed for depression and more. oh, and one last thing i found out recently, if you go to tescos, and buy tescos own make pineapple and lemon juice drink in a one litre carton, value range, about 50p there’s a warning on the side that it contains pentlantlalpine(nearly right spelling, you’ll see if you look) that boosts your body’s natural adrenaline, and helps with weight loss naturally. good luck.


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