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What is in the slimming pills T5’s or T3’s?

I need to lose weight and my friends have suggested these illegal slimming pills. What is in them and why I should/should not take them thanks

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2 Responses to “What is in the slimming pills T5’s or T3’s?”

  1. as_ming4588 said :

    hello., I’m Andy.
    I try to suggest u not to take a medicine or pill on a diet program.
    coz it can harm ur stomach.
    u can try a healthy diet.

    if u want., u can contact me at YM : as_ming4588
    I’ll try to give u all the information ’bout healthy diet program.
    I can guarantee u for the program.


  2. Maurice Mcintee said :

    hooker flibbertigibbet kamakiriad colquhoun medicate shells mailes olds compress


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