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What would be better? Hardcore dieting with a little exercise or Hardcore exercise and a little dieting?

What would be better? Hardcore dieting with a little exercise or Hardcore exercise and a little dieting?

I know a both are important, but if you had to pick what would be most effective for your body what would you choose?
I forgot to say that-

I know people who exercise like machines just so they can eat badly.

I also know people who eat the bearest of minimums to avoid exercising!

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15 Responses to “What would be better? Hardcore dieting with a little exercise or Hardcore exercise and a little dieting?”

  1. Huckleberry Sin said :

    I wouldn’t pick either one of these.
    The trick is to have a balance of the two.

    You need to be disciplined in your eating AND workout regularly (3-6 days a week).
    If you eat what you want but exercise like crazy, you might look toned but your insides will be a mess.
    If you starve yourself but don’t exercise, you will be skinny-fat. And who the heck wants that?

  2. ..Hannah..UK said :

    I’d say hardcore exercise and a little dieting, because dieting usually prevents you from getting your five-a-day and other essential nutrients, which makes you resort to taking tablet supplements which aren’t practical.

    Plus, if you’re exercising loads, you can eat a cream cake afterwards and call it energy food =D

    Once you maintain a balance between these two, you’ve made it!

  3. Joe said :

    hardcore EXERCISE with a little dieting. this is how i am. i dnt eat desserts an pop an thts all the dietin i do then i exercise an work out alot and hard. this is sooo much more better for u. if u ever notice its the fat ppl the diet and the in shape athletic ppl who workout an exercise

  4. Mistermoonpie said :

    That’s a tough question. I guess it depends on the extremes of each.

    You can work out as hard as you possibly can, but if you eat nothing but 100% junk food and sodas you will never notice any change, except possibly getting fatter.

    I would say Hardcore workout with a little diet. As long as you’re working really hard and not eating TOO badly, you should still see pretty good results.

  5. ♫Paint It Beautiful♫ said :

    Although you definitely should have a healthy balance of both what you eat is 80% of being healthy. I would say that eating right with a little exercise would be better than the other way around. If something should happen and you can’t exercise anymore, you’ll still be eating everything you did before and gain weight back because you can’t workout.

    I hope this is a hypothetical question; you should be doing both. I hope you know that.

    Good Luck.

    I hope you do not listen to ‘Contradiction’. I know everyone has their own way of losing weight and that’s fine, I respect that, but that is not healthy. Don’t skip meals. I did NOT get in the shape I am in now by skiping meals and not working out, so I know first hand that this is wrong. You might lose weight very quick by not eating, but you’ll be sick, tired and you’ll sleep less. Eventually you’re going to give up and go back to your old eating habits and gain back twice the weight. How do I know? I’ve been there…..4 times. I did it right the last time I started a weight loss plan and this time it worked and the weight STAYED off.

  6. FunkyChameleon said :

    Between the two choice, hardcore exercise and a little dieting would be the best for the body rather than the reverse. As long the body is supplied with enough nutrients and rest, the body will benefits. Hardcore exercise could lead to muscle deteroritation if lacking supplements but if done properly could lead to built of strength as well as endurance.

    Lack of exercise and extreme dieting on the other hand will lead to eating disorder and weak body so i don’t recommend this at all.

    However its the best to have a healthy lifestyle than rushing to temporary good looks. Eat healthy Exercise Plenty! 🙂

  7. Will M said :

    Exercise, food is too good.

  8. Angel said :

    Neither because I have to watch what I eat and also exercise about 30 minutes a day to acheive results with my body.

  9. George said :

    Hardcore exercise with little dieting.

    I’ve always worked hard to keep weight off, and I’ve never achieved that goal with dieting alone. I find it too passive. I need to do things. I’m much more successful doing something than not doing something.

    Exercising hard makes me feel great plus then I get to eat a lot.

    Dieting hard and not exercising much makes me feel like I’m not even living. It is the absence of living to me.

  10. hannahhonolulu said :

    Don’t diet if it means not eating. Just eat healthy and low fat (no junk food!)
    If I had to choose I would say hardcore exercising with a little dieting. Focus on what is good for your body. Exercise is good for you, and eat food that is good for you. Don’t starve yourself.

  11. Contradiction said :

    I’m not recommending you to do this, but I know it works really well because I did it and it took not even 2 months. I’m 6’1, and i was at 190, not bad, but i noticed how chubby i was looking at times. 2 months later, i stopped and now, i’m at 165.

    If you are trying to just look thinner, dieting a lot, and exercise when you can, but not forced, would work the best. What i did was skip breakfast, small lunch, and sometimes no dinner or like what i would of had for breakfast for dinner(like cereal). Best exercise is running.

    DONT lift weights before you lose weight tho, you’re going to gain muscles and its gonna look like muscles but with fat on top, if you’ve seen a lineman w/o his shirt, you know what i’m talking about.

  12. stream1 said :

    Since you are a girl i would suggest the first option. Of course you needn’t diet if you are already in the correct weight range, just some exercise will be enough to keep you fit.

  13. Nina said :

    Honestly? The healthiest way is a mixture of both. The most effective way is eating less. Exercise really tones your body but hard core dieting makes you drop pounds.

  14. m0ren0510 said :

    exercise more nd yur diet can be a little more care-free

  15. Dianax3 said :

    i think its best to have a normal diet and exercise 4-5 days a week. and for your diet you should probably have the same thing you do now just in smaller portions and more vegetables instead of fattening foods [fast food restaurants]. and when you exercise; depending on what you want to work on just work out for 20 mins twice a day. (=


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