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What would be better for building muscle and fat loss?

Should i do a full body workout three times a week or should i do split each day such as chest and arms one day etc

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2 Responses to “What would be better for building muscle and fat loss?”

  1. 111 said :

    i am too bored now to answer this question. dude, google stuff. like iron work out or smth

  2. Denis said :

    Full body workout is preferable for fat loss. You will sweat more. You will hit your major muscles more often, causing more energy output.

    Split routine is better for pure muscle mass. You have the time to perform more exercises and more sets, which recruits more muscle fibers.

    I would advise doing a full body routine if you are not looking to get huge but just ripped. Read this website It has been a favorite of mine for some time.


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