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What should I do to lose some weight?

I’m 16 years old and weigh 210 lbs. I don’t look overly over weight, but i’m beginning to notice stretch marks on my thighs. I want to get down to 175 lbs. in about 3 months. I heard running will help me lose weight and cutting some foods out of my diet, but i don’t know what foods to cut out or what other excercises to do. I play baseball, baskebtall and lift weights daily.
I’m a guy.

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3 Responses to “What should I do to lose some weight?”

  1. angelwing1020 said :

    Exercises: Treadmill/track, soccer, sit ups, daily jogs in the mornings
    Foods: cut out greasy foods (ie fried chicken try baked instead or grilled), fatty hot dogs (get less fat ones or soy), macaroni grill foods (very fatty), onion rings (try this alternate instead

    So basically lower the candy, oils, fats, and try to eat alternate things
    look at (they have alternates for almost everything
    try not to eat out alot
    Eat more fruits, vegetables and salads
    Exercise more
    Sleep the minimal hours of 8
    Try to reduce stress

    That’s about all I can think of >_<

  2. Snow L said :

    cut back on eating out all together
    eat steamed vegetables without oil…and lots of rice
    also eat a banana for breakfest and as a snack and try drinking skimmed milk or coffe for breakfest
    don’t eat fruits for the first 2 weeks of your diet because they pack a lot of sugars
    drink lots of ice water
    and for lean proteins eat flounder fish, tuna, steamed lobster, shrimp cocktails, or chicken breasts
    avoid beef meat altogether they have polysaccharide fats which are harder to break down
    eat lots of spicy sauces and celery or asparagus also…they help with evacuation and no calories are taken by your body
    and good luck

  3. the_new_minoty said :

    Usually when an individual decides that they want to become more physically fit…it means to lose weight. This is most common because 65% of Americans are overweight or obese. This literally means that about 2 out of 3 people are affected; that 2 out of 3 Americans are unhealthy. Decreasing body fat percentage rather than weight will not only make you look and feel better, but it will also make you healthier.

    Try this next time you are in a public place. Look to you left and to your right, and then look at yourself. Do over 60% of the people around you look physically inactive, overweight, or obese? Now look at yourself. Are you included in this number?

    Cardiovascular training is a great resource for decreasing body fat percentage. When combined with the correct diet, it can also lower cholesterol, improve cardiac response, and increase blood flow. The benefits of cardiovascular training are endless, but depending on your goals, there are certain things that you must keep in mind.

    When doing cardio for body fat loss, be sure to maintain your Target Heart Rate. Your Target Heart Rate is basically a range of two numbers that the hearts beats per minute (bpm) should be in between. Here is how you can find out how to find your THR:

    First thing in the morning, while still in bed, calculate your heart rate (HR).
    Subtract your age in years from 220 to get you standard maximal HR.
    Subtract the your morning HR from your standard maximal HR.
    Multiply the result of step 3 by 0.60.
    Multiply the result of step 3 by 0.70.
    Add your morning HR to the result of step 4.
    Add your morning HR to the result of step 5.
    Your target HR training zone is between the two results of steps 6 and 7.

    THR is important because it puts the body in its favorite fat-burning zone. If you go above these numbers, you begin to break down protein and amino acids, the building blocks of muscle. So it is possible to do cardio without losing muscle, and actually decrease your body fat percentage.

    Resistance Training to Decrease Body Fat Percentage

    While it is very important to do cardio, it is also very important to participate in resistance training. When you do cardio for the purpose of losing Body Fat (BF), you are basically reducing the amount of fat between the muscle and the skin. Individuals who are very lean have a small amount of fat blocking muscle.

    Resistance training while also doing cardiovascular training is essential. When done correctly, you will begin to cut into that layer of fat between the skin and the muscle. Resistance training will then increase the size and strength of that muscle, pushing it toward the surface, creating an extra lean look.
    The Link below should help you more…


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