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What medicine will help me build huge muscles and give me a six pack in to weeks?

I want to take a medicine that will give me a six pack and huge muscles in two weeks. I am only 15 so make it safe.

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11 Responses to “What medicine will help me build huge muscles and give me a six pack in to weeks?”

  1. J said :

    Nothing in two weeks and definitely nothing safe.

  2. John Basedow said :

    celltech, it’s 3006% more effective than steroids

  3. Ryan said :

    sit ups, pull ups, crunches and inflatable muscles

    In short it is impossible bro, the illegal kind can, but it is illegal

  4. Tom said :

    you dont want to be taking anything at that age if you took steroids you could gain muscle quickly but you have to keep taking them to maintain that muscle

  5. Matt said :

    i would stick to just working out naturally. steriods are a bad idea

  6. iGuy said :

    nothing. Lose the gut and do crunches. No supplements will help you get one without you working for it. It won’t just appear when you take supplements. If you want, you can try those slimming pills like Hydroxycut but you still have to work to get the six pack.

  7. cindy said :

    don’t you mean two weeks?

  8. Gregg said :

    there is nothing that can do that in that period of time. if you have fat over your stomach the only thing that can get rid of it is a healthy diet and cardio. sorry dude. start working out. dont take steroids

  9. ummm y said :

    steroids….but you dont understand how bad they are for a 15 year old…..look up steroid side effects on teens it stops growth, STOPS GROWTH doesnt just stunt stops, and its definatly not safe.

    im sorry to say but a 15 year old doesnt have the tesosterone levels to get huge muslces, and no body even with steroids can get muscles in 2 weeks

  10. Sweetener said :

    thats what surgery is for.

  11. Sam said :

    You should just exercise normally. Medicines could have serious side effects.


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